Why Jennifer Aniston Will Never Get on Instagram

Photo: Instagram/@ariannahuff

Jennifer Aniston is known for her healthy lifestyle (from collagen-boosted smoothies to a serious infrared sauna habit)—and on the debut episode of Arianna Huffington's The Thrive Global podcast, the superstar says she owes major peace of mind to one thing that she doesn't do: Instagram.

"For me, it's self-preservation. There's enough written about me out there and enough that's not true," she says. "There's one school of thought, which is, 'Why don't you be on social media and really show who you really are?' And I don't need to...This is the one place I have that's really protected and is mine and is what my life is without a camera rolling or paparazzi or media exposure."

"Every once in a while I will Google someone's Instagram just to see something that caught someone's eye here or there."

Does she ever get FOMO? No, but she sometimes gets curious about what everybody is double-tapping about. "I don't feel I'm missing out, but I do sometimes feel that I'm not keeping up or that things are happening at a speed at which I'm going to be left behind in the dark ages," she says.

"There's that curiosity that I have of, 'What is that? What's so funny? What's so interesting? What cute pet video is that?' So every once in a while I will Google someone's Instagram just to see something that caught someone's eye here or there."

A few more things we learned about Aniston's digital habits? She has done digital detoxes, at yoga retreats ("It felt so liberating to not be tied to it"), and she applies the tech-free ethos to vacation, too: "I've made the decision to go and vacate."

And while she doesn't claim to be perfect (she admits to sleeping with her phone close by), Aniston has the distinction of being an inbox-zero girl. "You'll never see 2,895,000 emails," Aniston says of her relationship with her inbox. "When I go to clear out the box in the morning, I answer my emails and give everybody the answers they need and that's it." No unread emails? Bow down to the tech-wrangling queen.


Sounds like Aniston is doing her version of "digital minimalism," which is becoming even more popular than digital detoxes. And here's some more inside intel on how to tame your own tech-fueled life

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