Yes, Pizza Night at Jennifer Garner’s House Is As Good As You Think—Here’s Her Go-to Recipe

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When Jennifer Garner's not shining on screen, reposting seriously impressive dance squads, or hustling to build her organic baby food company Once Upon a Farm, you'll find her dreaming up imaginative (but totally low-maintenance) ways to fuel her family. In a recent interview, she told me that her current effortless weeknight dinner is fan favorite: pizza. But you won't find this Hollywood golden girl perusing the frozen aisle to get food on the table. Instead, she starts from scratch.

"I'll just make the kids pizza because I've made pizza dough so many times that I don't even have to think about it, and I can let it do a quick rise. And it's so quick to cook it that I can have pizza on the table in 20 minutes," she tells me, adding that she usually has a roll or two of dough in the freezer at all times, too.

Since Garner recently posted her go-to pie recipe, you can recreate it in your kitchen and top it off with the last of the summer fruits (*sigh*) like figs and tomatoes, or even avocado. But to really channel the actress-slash-supermom, you'll also need a big, leafy green salad on the side.

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Photo courtesy of Once Upon a Farm

"I like to cut up my veggies and include them in the salad," Garner says. "So I'll cut up broccoli so there's a nice crunch, I'll cut up green beans, and I always have avocado, either nuts or cheese, and a protein." In a pinch, she also subscribes to the "everything" salad mentality that involves tossing *all* your veggie-based leftovers into the mix for an extra hearty nutrient feast. (Not to mention a clean fridge.)

So whether you decide to recreate this combo, stat, or save dinner à la Garner for Fri-yay, you can count at least one of this week's meals easy as, er, pie.

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