This Workout Got Jennifer Garner in Badass, Butt-Kicking Shape for Her New Movie

Photo: Getty Images/Neilson Barnard
Just an FYI: Jennifer Garner isn't someone you want to mess with. The actress recently channeled her inner Elektra for her latest film Peppermint, in which she trains for five years to become an assassin—then promptly gets revenge by taking out everyone responsible for killing her family. NBD. Even though she makes beating the bad guys look easy, getting into fighting shape requires a whole lot of work.

Between playing Elektra and her all-star role as Sydney Bristow in Alias, Garner certainly isn't new to the action-star scene. Getting ready for physically intense gigs like these requires a surplus of dedication and sweat, and that's exactly why she works with founder of dance-cardio mecca Body by Simone, Simone De La Rue. The celebrity trainer takes Garner through a series of exercises that could help anyone battle the enemy like a boss.

Garner recently gave her fans an inside look at her Peppermint workout routine via an Instagram video. Between abs work using weighted balls to arm-strengthening exercises using resistance bands and weights, there's no question about how this lady scored her strong and toned physique. And the best part? You can copy some of her go-to moves at home. The routine won't instantly transform you into a crime-fighting vigilante, but after enough arm raises and push-ups, you'll definitely look like one.

Jennifer Garner's pre-awards show workout involves an upbeat dance-cardio mix. Or check out the three-part plank series, straight from her trainer.

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