Jennifer Lawrence’s Unexpected Recovery Footwear Has Convinced Me To Invest in a Pair

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I know that sandal season may be over, but try telling that to me and my friends from Los Angeles. For me, sandals will always be a huge part of my wardrobe no matter what season it is (cold? Throw some socks on—I stand by a sandal-and-socks combo). Plus, there's nothing that beats the comfort of having no shoelaces and being able to readily go about your business. And honestly, that's probably what actress Jennifer Lawrence was thinking when she stepped out in a pair of Oofos Ooahh Slide Sandals.

Oofos Ooahh Slide Sandal — $60.00

Built with special cushioned foam, these sandals are made to help reduce stress and impact on your feet, knees and back. You can also get them on Amazon.

The actress, model and mother-to-be was spotted walking down the streets of Manhattan in some very comfy slides last week. Sure, the shoes may not be the most trendy-looking on the market. However, they did catch our eye because of their ability to help minimize the amount of pressure and stress on your feet as you walk, something that is likely useful for Lawrence (who is currently expecting). It's also useful for just about anyone who is especially ache-y after an intense workout. Recovery footwear is a thing, and it's super important to invest in a pair or two for times when you're beyond anything that has to lace up.

You know when you're standing up all day, or just finished a HIIT workout and your entire is body is sore? These are the shoes that have your back. On the days when you've done a lot of physical activity, these shoes help can reduce stress on sore feet, knees and back. They do this by using a special foam that absorbs impact to instantly take pressure off of your joints. Additionally, the sandals provide better stability and support all around, thanks to the unique footbeds that hug your arches.

"I had major surgery on my foot eight months ago, and have swelling and pain in the foot," one shopper explained. "I also am weight bearing differently and have a new callus and major swelling of the balls of my foot. These slides are an absolute godsend! I can stand and walk in comfort with them on which is nothing short of miraculous."

Another five-star reviewer echoed a similar sentiment, noting how comfortable the shoes felt.

"I love my Oofos sandals," they commented. "Great arch support and band across top of foot high enough to keep my [heel] from flip flopping. Feels like waking on a cloud."

While I do value a stylish sandal, the combination of performance and comfort has definitely made me grab my wallet, especially given that not many sandals offer this kind of foot support.  Plus, if they're good enough for J-Law, they're good enough for me.

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