Jennifer Lopez’s Trainer Has a Surprising Take on the Ketogenic Diet

Maybe think about doing Whole30 instead.
In the last few months, the ketogenic diet has ascended from a buzzy underground diet touted by select psychologists and celebrities to the meal regimen of the masses (or wellness fanatics, at the very least). Considering that it's been praised for achieving lofty goals, like treating anxiety symptoms, and also to just generally helping people feel better, David Kirsch, the trainer responsible for Jennifer Lopez's tough workouts, has a pretty surprising opinion on the keto diet.

Media maven and influencer, Eva Chen took to her Instagram Stories today to share her team's (tough) workout experience with Kirsch, and following the lunge-heavy sweat sesh, Chen did a quick wellness-centric Q&A with the trainer. Kirsch shared his takes on eating trends—namely that if you had to pick between Whole30 and the ketogenic diet, you should stick to the former.

But there's a catch: According to Kirsch, the elimination-based Whole30 diet is only preferable if you can manage to sustain the healthy habit long-term. (Pro tip: Avoiding egg fatigue and learning a few other tips and tricks can help).

Kirsch's other surprising hot takes included that drinking green tea and coffee are equally acceptable (but only have one shot of espresso if that's you're caffeine vehicle of choice), eating half a piece of "real" bread is better than a gluten-free dupe, and it's best to celebrate with tequila over wine, since the hard stuff is "harder to slurp it down all night."

But hey, maybe he just hasn't caught up with the latest vino-supporting studies.

Copy J.Lo's workout by trying her go-to butt-sculpting move and her intense stair-sprint routine.  

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