J.Lo’s Trainer Spills the Secret Behind Her Strong Core: a 4-Part Plank Move

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At this point, basically the entire world has come to an agreement that Jennifer Lopez's body is nothing short of #goals—heck, even Victoria's Secret models are striving for her booty. And she deserves all the praise: This lady works hard on her workout routine to stay strong and toned, sweating with her trainer on the regular to keep on building up her impressive physique—tough-as-nails abs workouts, included.

While J.Lo definitely has her go-to exercises—like Spider-Man push-ups for those impressive biceps and plenty of squats and lunges for her glutes—she's all about planks for her core. Not just any planks, though: Her longtime trainer, David Kirsch, recently shared the core-busting routine he swears by with PopSugar. It involves not one but four moves in a series that'll work your entire body. (Hey, being Jenny from the Block doesn't come easy, people!) Between all the kickbacks and knee dives, this routine will have you feeling like a super-sore superstar in no time.

Try David Kirsch's 4-move plank workout to get a J.Lo-worthy core.

Part one

  • Plank with lateral arm reach: 10 reps each arm
  • Plank with triceps kickback: 10 reps each arm

After a 60-second break, repeat the circuit.

Part two

  • Elbow plank with knee drive: 15 reps each side
  • Elbow plank with side step: 10 reps

After a 60-second break, repeat the circuit.

Part three

You finished the body-shaking moves, so treat yourself to a restorative stretch and a healthy recovery snack.

This J.Lo-approved cardio workout is the best way to get your heart pumping. Or, check out some other habits that keep her looking totally ageless.

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