3 Expert-Approved Ways to Ensure Your Skin Stays Plump

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2018 is the year to be bold…with your makeup. You’ll nail the cat-eye, embrace the red lip, and rock metallic and chrome finishes. But, while all of that sounds great in theory, just how do you get from bare-faced to bright-eyed without having a totally non-chill meltdown in the meantime? Here, makeup artist Jenny Patinkin reveals the easiest ways to ensure your complexion remains healthy and plump, no matter the weather.

At the risk of sounding super basic, the most perfect, natural, and effortless way to plump your skin is by simply drinking more water (and cutting back on coffee and alcohol). Alright, that's it—thanks for reading.

Just kidding. I have a lot more to say on this topic since, at the ripe old age of 49, my skin's not as bouncy and plump as I'd like it to be. And even though the advantage of youth is having thicker, less degraded skin, it is winter after all, and we could all benefit from a little insight into the various other ways to keep our skin uber-hydrated and nourished.

As someone who has been fighting the battle of retaining a healthy complexion for some time now, please allow me to offer this one small bit of advice on the matter of plumping up skin—and, of course, never skimp on your efforts to hydrate. Your skin will thank you later.

From the inside out, these are my tried and true recommendations for that ultimate, full radiance.

how to keep skin plump
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Slather on hyaluronic acid

Though the word “acid” sounds scary and like it might burn, you actually naturally produce hyaluronic acid in your body—particularly around your joints and eyes to keep things lubricated. The thing is, however, that your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid slows as you get older—which leaves skin less pliable and plump.

The good news is that there’s some pretty amazing technology and product formulation that'll deliver it back into your skin topically.  Since hyaluronic acid swells when it comes into contact with water, holding up to 1,000 times its own weight, the benefits are very, very real. Just keep in mind that HA comes in different molecular weights. The lower the weight, the better it can penetrate the skin to get down deep and plump from underneath. On your skin-care label look for something that's designated as a "low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid."

how to keep your skin plump
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Mask the right way

I love a good face mask as much as the next gal, but I have to tell you that they’re not the magical quick fix you might think they are. Most of them are loaded up with water, so of course they’re going to leave your skin plump and glowy. But you know from your grade school science class that water evaporates—which means that, sadly, the effect of a hydrating mask is only going to be temporary (sorry).

Dry sheet masks (those made without water), on the other hand, have smart technology, with hydrating and plumping ingredients imprinted right onto the textile and peptides to deliver them deep into your skin where they stay active for up to a couple of days. Nanette de Gaspe and Charlotte Tilbury make some. That’s some pretty amazing science right there.

how to keep skin plump
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Try IV therapy (yes, really)

I'm talking about IV hydration therapy. I know, I know—there's definitely a yikes factor when voluntarily putting a needle into your arm is involved. But I must say that after doing one 45-minute session myself—despite the fact that I was peeing every 15 minutes for the rest of the day—my skin instantly looked more plump and fresh.

There are a lot of IV places popping up these days. Just be sure you find one run by a medical professional, as it's not something to be treated like a cheap one-off spa service. It's a great option to do in the days before a big event, after a long flight in that recirculated, dry air, or even after you've over-indulged and your skin's extra thirsty. And an added bonus? The infusion of antioxidants and B-complex vitamins make you feel like you and your newly rehydrated complexion can conquer the world.

Jenny Patinkin is a highly sought-after Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert and entrepreneur known for her Lazy Perfection approach to beauty.  She is the author of the best-selling book, Lazy Perfection, The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying. Nationally recognized for her broad industry knowledge and expertise, Jenny appears regularly on network TV and prominent digital media channels educating people about beauty and makeup.  She has been a featured guest on The Today ShowThe Rachael Ray Show, and Extra TV, and her expert advice and artistry have been featured in GlamourHarper’s BazaarHealthMarie ClaireMartha Stewart Living, and Real Simple, among many others.

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