Why Jenny Slate Swears by Her Morning Bath

It involves channeling a "little nature witch."
Jenny Slate may have become a household name as love-to-hate-her Mona Lisa on Parks and Recreation, but since leaving Pawnee, she's been pretty much everywhere: She lent her voice to the animated film Zootopia, starred in the slightly controversial Obvious Child, appeared on Girls, and now, her latest film, Landline, opens in theaters today.

In it, Slate plays Dana, an engaged-but-unfaithful woman who spends a lot of time indulging in different types of baths. (Think standard bubble baths, group baths, and sexytime baths.) And while there's a lot she doesn't have in common with her character, the actress says their appreciation for a daily soak is most definitely mutual.

"It may sound silly, but it makes me happy. It helps me be very aware that I'm caring for myself."

Slate tells Vogue that she's all about self care—specifically "processes that seem like a little nature witch would be part of"—and that includes starting her day in the tub. "After my morning bath, I like to put rose oil on myself really, really slowly," she says. "It may sound silly, but it makes me happy. It helps me be very aware that I'm caring for myself." (Her favorite products are this Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower soap and Tata Harper's aromatherapy Love Potion.)

Unlike her character in Landline, Slate's baths are a solo activity. "There are so many things that happen in one day to convince us that we're not seen and we're not heard, and it's really nice to be the best that you can be when you're alone for yourself," she says.

Once she's so fresh and so clean, the actress busts out her you-got-this mantras: "I repeat—sometimes out loud but mostly in my head—'I'm fresh and I'm new' at the start of every day," she says. "My grooming routine is filled with delightful, intentional little things I've done to myself that say 'I'm precious' and 'I'm sweet' and 'I'm very, very sharp.'"

Living like a nature witch sounds pretty good. Who knew?

Next time you're in the tub, transform your soak into a mermaid bath, or treat it like a cardio class.

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