The Two-Step Method Jessica Alba Swears by for Maintaining a Healthy Home

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Honest Company
Between balancing two kids, plus a third on the way, and her own business, The Honest Company, it's not an exaggeration to say the Jessica Alba has her hands full these days. So, anywhere the actress can streamline her life, she does. At home, that means simplifying her cleaning strategy to a two-step process that is as genius as it is easy to execute.

"To make cleaning less overwhelming, make sure to [do it] as you go."

First, “to make cleaning less overwhelming, make sure to [do it] as you go—for example, I wipe my kitchen surfaces after cooking,” says Alba, who just released cleaning products that include the wellness world's buzziest ingredients (essential oils, natch). “Built-up food splatters can be hard to remove if they’ve been sitting on your stovetop for a long time, so I try to clean up after every meal.”

Step two: “Encourage your family to clean together!" she suggests. "Nothing is better than a family working as a unit to keep their home clean and healthy." Her two daughters, Honor and Haven, are obviously part of that crew, but the new addition (a boy) likely gets a hall pass for a while. And even guests are asked to get involved, albeit passively, when they drop by. Alba asks everyone to “take off your shoes at the door to help minimize tracking dirt and dust into the house." In other words, no shoes, no dirt, no problem.

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