Our Legs Are Burning Just Thinking About Jessica Alba’s 30-Minute Treadmill Routine

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In a dream world, you'd have time to spend an hour in your favorite boutique fitness class or head to the gym without feeling totally rushed every single day. In reality, though? Most days are spent trying to squeeze in some sort of sped-up sweat sesh—something even Jessica Alba is all too familiar with. But she found a way to get her fix and keep up with her jam-packed schedule.

When the #girlboss and mom of three is running short on time, there's one workout that always comes through: hitting up the treadmill for 30 minutes of HIIT. And because she knows there's plenty of other ladies who are always on the go too, she's sharing her secrets. After a particularly intense round of cardio, she posted her exact routine—which is super easy to follow—on her Instagram story.


Now, 30 minutes is actually a pretty long time to be on the treadmill if you're not used to it. With that being said, the HIIT component will give you some time to recover between all the sprints. And don't worry—there's also a 5-minute cool-down at the end to look forward to, which will be much-needed after the sweat-inducing routine. Ready to get started?

Try Jessica Alba's 30-minute treadmill cardio routine.

Part 1: 1 minute at 3 speed, 2 minutes at 7 speed
Incline: 2
How long: Repeat for 24 minutes

Part 2: 30 seconds at 3 speed, 1 minute at 7.5 speed
Incline: 1
How long: Repeat for 6 minutes

Part 3: Cool down at 3 speed
Incline: 2
How long: 5 minutes

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