The Super-Sporty Way Jessica Biel Celebrates Exciting News

Photo: Instagram/@jessicabiel
Everyone has her go-to way of marking an exciting moment or a major accomplishment—whether it's sipping on an Aperol spritz or splurging on this season's hottest sneakers, that raise (or whatever the occasion may be) certainly calls for some sort of (fun) acknowledgment.

Say you just reached 3 million followers on Instagram (a girl can dream)—what would you do? Well, if you're Jessica Biel, you might be inspired to do an aerial flip and share it with that giant audience, as she did yesterday.

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"I’m flipping out!" the actress posted. "Well, technically I’m 'aerial-ing out' but that just sounds like a nip slip. Anyway! THANK YOU ALL!"

Who knows, maybe the wellness lover (she cut gluten and dairy for better digestion and does jump squats for pizza) prefers to get (creatively) active when exciting things happen—clearly she loves fitness. Or maybe that monumental follower count truly caused her to go airborne. Either way, it's totally cool to let things literally move you—hey, at the very least, it'll increase your step count.

Other ways to mark your "woohoo!" moment: Why not give your home an energetic makeover or treat yourself to a mermaid bath?

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