Jessica Biel’s Glutes Workout Alone Is Emmy-Worthy Viewing Material

Photo: Getty Images/Jason Merritt
In just a few hours, you'll get to cheer on your favorite shows and cast members as they battle it out at this year's Emmy Awards. But over the weekend, Jessica Biel—who's nominated for her role in the creepy, totally binge-able drama The Sinner—provided some winning viewing material before the commencement of trophy-laden broadcast: her crazy-impressive glutes workout.

While weighted squats are already hard enough and always result in a serious booty burn when done correctly, Biel ratcheted things up a notch—or 100—with her latest gym routine. In a recent Instagram post, the actress showed off some pistol squats, an über-tough move that requires a wild amount of lower-body strength and balance. And this fit mama's variation aren't just any pistol squats: She chooses to rep it out while also holding weights and balancing on one leg, midair on a box. NBD.

Even though Biel makes the single-leg squats seem super easy, her trainer Ben Bruno—who also works with Kate Upton and Chelsea Handler—is sure to point out on his own Instagram the move is anything but: These modified pistol squats require a lot of strength, balance, and control. And while a sweat-inducing workout pre-awards show is a great strategy to help Biel feel her best while strutting down the red carpet, Bruno really only has one concern: "I just hope she’s not so sore that she can’t sit down for the show," he jokes.

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