How Jessica Biel Sweated It Out Before Hitting the Red Carpet

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On the red carpet for the Academy Awards last night, plenty of actresses donned gold, channeling the Oscar award itself. And one star in particular literally shone: Jessica Biel (perhaps as a nod to hubs Justin Timberlake, who was nominated?).

Her sequined dress (by designer KaufmanFranco) was form-fitting, revealing her ultra-toned, statuesque (had to) bod. Obviously, one can't help but wonder how the star works out. In addition to being all about healthy food—like avoiding inflammatory gluten and dairy— Biel's clearly into fitness.

"The need for after-party pizza is REAL."

Well, Biel took to Instagram to reveal just how she got in super-tight-dress shape. Turns out, it involved plenty of jump squats.


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In her (really cute) fitness Boomerang, the actress held onto TRX suspension rings as she squatted down low, then sprang into the air. Maybe she took some cues from Lady Gaga's pre-Super Bowl performance workout? (Though she didn't opt to get pumped in Versace.)

"Sweating for the red carpet starts early because the need for after-party pizza is REAL," Biel writes. Um, can she be more relatable? Excuse me while I squat jump my way to the (vegan) pizza shop.

For more bum-toning workouts, try the butt-sculpting exercise moves that made Tracy Anderson famous. Or you can try Gigi Hadid's easy way of working her assets into her daily routine.

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