You Can Now Do Jessica Biel’s Go-to Workout in Your Living Room

Photo: Getty Images/ John Shearer

Jessica Biel, former 7th Heaven basketball star (#TBT to when Mary trashed the gym #neverforget) and current Pilates powerhouse, has always been a source of fitness inspiration (like, have you seen her do that single-leg skater squat?!). And now, the rest of us can get her go-to workout without having to jet off to Hollywood or Soho.

As of June 5th, her go-to studio, WundaBar, will be offering nationwide streaming services, which means you can work your core Biel-style right from the comfort of your living room—pants optional. The workout itself combines traditional Pilates with movement and flow at a "cardio-intense" pace, which will leave your entire body burning. In the studio, the series takes place on a machine that founder Amy Jordan refers to as the "Swiss Army Knife of Pilates machines," which combines the reformer, Wunda Chair, Jumpboard, and a ballet barre. But thankfully, you won't need a fancy piece of equipment in order to reap the Wundabar benefits at home.

Instead, you can stream the 30-minute workouts and do them right there on the rug with a set of weights, a resistance band, and a small Pilates ball. And while a single in-studio class will cost you 20 dollars, the at-home stuff will only run you a fraction of that. Plans include a two-week intensive program that includes videos and access to the Wundabar community for roughly 30 bucks, or a six-week program that will give you all of that, plus a few other perks including bonus videos.

WundaBar Pilates was created to strengthen, empower, and support a community of like-minded individuals that strive to better their health and wellness both physically and mentally,” Jordan tells Well+Good in a press release. “Before WundaBar Pilates on-demand, the only way to reach our audience was through one of our studios, but now we can expand our community wider and deeper through connection. I am thrilled to be able to offer that feeling to whoever joins us.”

FWIW, Biel isn't the only one who swears by the magic of Wundabar—Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts are also fans of the workout. And now that I can try it at home, I feel like I might be, too.

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