JLo Told Us Her Skin-Care Secret, and It’s About As Easy As It Gets…

The word "glow" tends to be overused in the beauty world. It's often applied as a catch-all to describe bright, hydrated skin, but it doesn't really mean much. Because that's the case, we try to avoid it as much as possible on this site. But for the sake of this story, we'll make an exception, because it is the only appropriate word to describe Jennifer Lopez.

For decades, she's graced magazine covers, music video clips, and movie screens radiating with whatever the heck a "lit from within glow" is, leaving the rest of us trying to figure out how the hell she does it. Does she slather her skin in unicorn sweat? Are those bedazzled to-go cups filled with some sort of secret potion from the Fountain of Youth?! Nope. Turns out, her secret ingredient has been hiding in our kitchens all along.

Come January 1, Lopez will be bottling up her glow and gifting it to the world with the launch of her first-ever skin-care line, JLo Beauty. And the star of the show? Olive oil. "The whole line is based on a family tradition: The use of olive oil on our skin and hair," Lopez told a group of editors during a launch event for JLo Beauty (and yes, she is as beautiful on Zoom as you'd expect). "My mom, grandmother, and aunts all used it when they needed a little extra hydration on their face, hair, and body, so the line began with that little family secret."

Olive oil has been used as a beauty staple for centuries—ancient Egyptians slathered their skin in it, and Sophia Loren famously soaked in olive oil baths. According to derms, it's packed with vitamins and antioxidants and has moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, and is a great addition to any youth-infusing skin-care routine. The eight-product line—which took three years and over 100 different formulations to get right—is designed around an olive oil complex that combines fermented oil, olive leaf extract, and olive oil to deliver the best of what the ingredient has to offer.

JLo Beauty
Photo: JLo Beauty

"My concerns now [with my own skin] are really just keeping my skin healthy and hydrated and keeping the inflammation down while keeping a youthful glow," says Lopez. "Once you get to a certain age, you start losing some of the fullness in your face and start seeing little lines here and there... so that's what the line addresses."

The brand will launch with a cleanser, mask, moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, bronzer, and supplement (and, some insider intel: there are likely hair-care products on the horizon). But the real hero of the line is the multi-tasking serum, aptly named "That JLo Glow" ($79).  It's made with the olive oil complex to deliver 24-hour moisture, plus brightening Japanese rice sake ferment, antioxidant-packed, yeast-derived ferment, and a sugar-derived matrix for instant tightening and lifting.

Lopez is a big believer in using the "pump and pill" method for maintaining her glow—meaning that she combines the serum with her olive oil-infused supplement for a true inside out glow. "If you do the pump of the serum and a pill every single day, you're gonna see a real improvement in your skin," says Lopez. "It's always been my philosophy that you can't have great skin unless you do something from the inside out. With the serum, you'll get an instant tightening glow, and using the products every day over time, I've seen my skin look more hydrated and luminous."

JLo Beauty will launch on Jlobeauty.com on January 1, and will hit Sephora and Amazon on January 14. Now, if only getting JLo's dance moves were as easy as getting her glow.

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