How John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Keep Their Relationship (With Social Media) Healthy

Photo: Instagram/@johnlegend
You could call Chrissy Teigen and John Legend the cutest couple in Hollywood—they're always showing PDA, gushing about each other in interviews, and are super supportive of one another (have you seen that clip of Teigen dancing while Legend sings to her onstage?). One thing they approach differently, however? Social media.

"I think [Chrissy] makes me a little more willing to take risks and then we both educate each other about what's happening," Legend says of his and his wife's communication habits in a recent interview with Byrdie. He explains they like to tag each other and send direct messages in order to stay in the know. (Sound familiar?)

"She makes me a little more willing to take risks and then we both educate each other about what's happening."

Despite this adorable back-and-forth, Teigen has never shied away from being open and vocal on Twitter (take, for example, her lamentation of "period skin"), while Legend tends to be quieter.

While he loves interacting with his fans, the singer admits he needs to take a digital break once in a while. "Sometimes I don't read my mentions," he says. "I don't want to deal with all the negativity that may come with it." And when he puts down his phone, Legend prioritizes IRL face time with those closest to him. "Be with your friends, be with people you love and just live life. We all don't 'need' to just be plugged into everything all the time," he says.

Teigen, on the other hand? She's going to just keep tweeting what we're all thinking about stretch marks, her failed attempt at going vegan, and why she's so over boozy brunches. (And bless her for it.)

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