Use Jonathan Van Ness’ Essential-Oil Blowout Hack to Stay Cool (and Look Hot) for the Summer

Photo: Getty Images/ Rich Fury
Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye has proven to be quite the knowledgable, spirit-lifting gift that keeps on giving: He's shared a DIY anti-inflammatory face-mask recipe, a brilliant self-care hack, and—duh—his mood-boosting "getting-ready" sessions that double as dance parties. Most recently, the mustachioed grooming hero visited Today (along with the rest of the Fab Five), and shared how he keeps his undeniable cool factor on lock—both literally and figuratively—despite sweltering summer temperatures. Because, if anyone knows the #struggle of wrestling with a blow-dryer to achieve a fierce look despite battling nature and its zillion-percent humidity, it's Van Ness, who's got quite the head of cascading tresses himself.

His answer to the problem certainly isn't to give in and surrender your scalp to a few months of haphazard top knots. Rather, the solution is none other than some trusty essential oils: "When you have your blow-dryer and you're just, like, sweating and it's summer and you're like, 'Oh my gosh, I just don't even know how I'm gonna, like, stay not-wet-looking,'  if you take a little bit of a peppermint or a spearmint oil compilation—Aveda makes an amazing blue oil—you just put a little spot of it on the back of your neck and a little bit on your wrist," he gushes.

"It will keep you cool like little wintergreen fairies are blowing on the back of your neck for like an hour." —Jonathan Van Ness

The wonder product of which he speaks is Aveda's Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate, which includes ingredients like organic peppermint (which can counteract icky odors, too), blue chamomile, and menthol (a documented anti-inflammatory). The product is designed to both cool you down and soothe sore muscles. Um yasss, please. Van Ness' promised effect you'll enjoy after dabbing the quick-cooling spots on your body? "It will keep you cool like little wintergreen fairies are blowing on the back of your neck for like an hour." Need he say more?

So if you want to keep things non-sweaty this summer, just roll on some of the' "gorgeous!" oil, and remember: “You're strong, you're a Kelly Clarkson song."

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