3 Things Jordan Younger Always Does to Stay Sane While Traveling

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Jordan Younger knows how important it is to prioritize your health: The Balanced Blonde blogger learned a harsh and very public lesson in self-care when she shifted away from the raw vegan diet that made her popular as The Blonde Vegan. (She later revealed her struggles with anorexia and orthorexia in her book, Breaking Vegan.)

Since then, Younger has been all about transparency, and she recently shared on Instagram her travel rules for staying "grounded and sane." In the spirit of authenticity, she wrote that "homegirl loses her shit" if she doesn't stay true to the rules. Given how much Younger travels, it's a good thing she knows what she needs in order to stay healthy and happy on the road.

Prioritizing my own personal self-care is a necessity in my world, and it has done nothing but serve me so well.

"Being a highly sensitive person, to food, time change, flying, being away from my routine...there is no other way for me," she added. "I realize it sounds like a lot, but prioritizing my own personal self-care is a necessity in my world, and it has done nothing but serve me so well."

Travel can be rewarding and life-changing, but it can also be messy and upsetting (flights get delayed, luggage gets lost). It's important to know what you need to do to take care of yourself while you're away from home. Like Younger says, it will serve you well.

Here's are Younger's 3 self-care rules while traveling.

1. Bookend trips with grounding activities

When she travels over a weekend, Younger insists on having enough time to squeeze in an "early-morning sweaty yoga class" before departure. She doesn't draw out her trips, either, making sure to have time after returning home to "get grounded for my week nice and early."

2. Pack your bags with fuel for your body

Younger calls this routine her "#hydrationobsession": She drinks a Bulletproof coffee, a green juice, and water before a flight (hydrating is critical if you want to feel fresh and avoid jet lag). She also wrote that she likes to "meal prep like cray beforehand," and who could blame her? Food on airplanes and at airports is not known for being the healthiest stuff on the planet (though some aviation hubs are ramping up offerings with items including kombucha and ginger shots).

3. Set an intention for your trip

The blogger makes her reason for traveling clear by articulating what exactly she wants from her trip. "Whether to enjoy myself, unwind, or simply show up in my fullest light, I get clear on why I am going and how I want to be."

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