The One Thing Missing From Most Wellness Regimens, According to This Beauty Guru

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On a perfect morning, you wake up, meditate, journal, and fit in a quick workout before the rest of the world even hits the snooze button. But let’s be real: how many mornings actually happen this way? Instead of being hard on yourself for sleeping in or missing a workout, beauty guru Josh Rosebrook (whose eponymous skin- and hair-care line includes this cult fave moisturizer-slash-sunscreen) says there’s one thing that's probably missing from your wellness routine that you should add ASAP: forgiveness.

"Wellness is so much about the mind, the body, our actions, self-assessment—it’s so many things." —Josh Rosebrook

"Wellness is so much about the mind, the body, our actions, self-assessment—it’s so many things. It’s a practice and a balance and it’s an art. And we have to be artists with it and really cultivate it and nurture it, and live it and forgive ourselves for not doing it," the clean-beauty brand founder and meditation expert said at a recent panel at the WELL Summit in New York City. It's what Rosebrook says is the key to growing while on your wellness journey.

No matter how good your intentions are, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to meditate, do a full workout, cook, and sleep. So next time you feel discouraged by not doing all the things, (or even worse) find yourself falling into the dreaded comparison trap, focus on giving yourself a break. "I think that’s where the real nugget to a lot of our growth is in wellness. Forgiving ourselves." Who knows? It may just be the thing your self-care routine is missing.

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