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Josie Maran’s Expert Model Makeup Tips

Lisa Elaine Held

Josie MaranBy No More Dirty Looks

Now there’s a face you can trust, are we right?

Josie Maran, the foxy model and makeup maven behind Josie Maran Cosmetics, answered a few of our burning questions about beauty and products. We’re going to run it in two parts.

Here’s the first chunk where she tells us about a—gasp—waterproof mascara, and some insider beauty tips. Next up? More modelly secrets, her favorite other natural lines, and more.

What are some common booboos you see in makeup application—and how can we fix them?
One thing I see a lot of is eyeshadow mistakes. Blend, baby, blend! Apply your colors and then take a clean eyeshadow brush and go over what you’ve done until it blends together beautifully. Also, curl your lashes. This is such a small step that so many women skip but it makes a huge difference. Curling your lashes really opens up your eyes and pulls a whole look together. I’m actually totally addicted to curling my lashes.

Do lots of models use natural products?
As a model, it’s hard to use natural products because, unless you’re carrying your own kit around, you’re at the mercy of the makeup artist who is doing you for the job. On top of that, there haven’t really been (many) high performance natural makeup products that hold up for photo shoots or runway.

However, I do think that models (like everyone else) are becoming more conscious about what they put on their bodies—especially in terms of skin care. In fact, the gorgeous supermodel Brooklyn Decker just gave a shout out to my argan oil saying she can’t live without it! Every day makeup artists have been asking me to help them clean out the toxins from their kits, and we send them healthy high-performing cosmetics from my line to use on their clients.

Keep reading for more advice from Josie, including her number one beautifying tip…

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