7 Journals With Built-In Prompts That Take the Guesswork Out of Self-Reflection

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Journaling as a mindfulness habit stands to offer benefits that include improving your love life, prioritizing your mental health, and dealing with overwhelming feelings. That said, journaling writer's block is real—even for a professional writer and self-professed journaling connoisseur who has kept up a regular practice since middle school (ahem, that's me). But rest assured, this strain of writer's block is very treatable and journals with prompts built in can certainly help.

Instead of purchasing a plain journal, you can grab one that already has journal prompts inside to guide your thoughts. Since journals with prompts stand to make the writing part easier, you can focus on the harder work of self-reflection and introspection. Below, find seven journals with prompts  that take all the guesswork out of the mindfulness habit.

Below find 7 journals with prompts to make self-reflection a little more seamless.

1. The Five Minute Journal

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The Five Minute Journal is perfect for those who don't have much time for journaling. Filling out one page per day requires only five minutes, split between morning and night. In other words, no excuses. Start your day by writing down three things you're grateful for, three things that would make the day great, and an affirmation for the day. Then, check back in at the end of the day to reflect on three amazing things that happened that day and how you could have done better.

Shop now: The Five Minute Journal ($25)

2. The Kind Friend Journal

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The Kind Friend Journal is an excellent tool for stepping up your self-care practice. Inside the journal, you'll find weekly spreads that help you set goals, track habits and mood, and prompt you to reflect on your week. You can note what worked, what didn't, and what you're grateful for that week. There are also empty pages for freestyle journaling if you feel inspired.

Shop now: The Kind Friend Journal ($30)

3. Full Focus Journal

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The Full Focus Journal features prompts that help to uncover the top lessons of the day, shift your mind to a more positive perspective, create clarity, and prompt you to slow down and celebrate daily small wins.

Shop now: Full Focus Journal ($26)

4. Stress Less Journal

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As its name suggests, the Stress Less Journal aims to help you keep your cool in stressful situations. Complete with a vegan leather cover, the journal features seven chapters filled with journaling exercises based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that help you identify any thoughts that trigger you, cultivate more positive thoughts, and manage stress and anxiety. There are also daily habit and mood trackers included to help you kick stress to the curb.

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5. Loom Parent Child Journal

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If you have little ones at home, including them in your journaling practice can be a fun way to spend quality time together while nourishing their minds and improving their reading, writing, and communication skills. Designed for kids ages five and up, the Loom Parent Child Journal features research-backed gratitude practices, affirmations, and exercises that cultivate a growth mind-set.

Shop now: Loom Parent Child Journal ($35)

6. The Daily Stoic Journal

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The Daily Stoic Journal is the companion to The Daily Stoic book of meditations by best-selling author Ryan Holiday. Whether you've read the original book or not, this hardcover journal helps you put ancient philosophies into practice with daily thought-provoking journal prompts. It's designed to take you on a journaling journey for 366 days so you'll have more than enough journaling inspiration for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

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7. Explore Your Inner World Journal Set

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If you're serious about taking your journal practice to the next level, this guided journal set might be the thing for you. It includes six journals, each covering different themes, including self-love, relationships, mindfulness, resilience, anxiety, and healing. Each journal has 30 prompts that dig into each theme and help you identify blocks, set goals, and create actionable plans to improve that area of your life. You also have the option of purchasing each journal separately if one calls to you more. Bonus points for the pretty pastel shades the journals come in, which will look lovely on your desk or nightstand.

Shop now: Explore Your Inner World Journal Set, $99

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