This Sherpa Fleece Pullover Looks and Feels Like It Should Cost $250 (Spoiler Alert: It Doesn’t)

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It’s no secret that I love a soft, fuzzy pullover. The moment the temperature takes a turn for the chillier, you’ll find me in one of the many sherpa hoodies and quarter-zips I’ve bought over the years—oftentimes just in different colors. See, that’s the thing about me: If I find a garment that I love, I buy it in multiple colors.

For the past few years, I’ve relied heavily on my collection of Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullovers (which I have six of—a good thing, since they've sadly been discontinued) and two Summersalt Cozy High Pile Eco Fleece Half Zips (which have unfortunately also been discontinued). While I love the various colors and textiles that I already have, each year, I like to add a couple of new pieces of cold-weather cozy gear to my wardrobe. While I was prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars on new cozy tops, which has typically been the case in years past, I was shocked when I discovered an affordable, adorable dupe—that looks like it belongs at Athleta or Lululemon—at Target.

As it so often goes, I wasn’t at Target looking for clothes—I was running in for Halloween candy—but I got side-tracked when a rack of vibrant magenta and chartreuse pullovers popped out at me. Immediately, I reached out to feel the fabric to see if it was even worth trying on. That’s the moment that I knew the Joy Lab Women’s High Pile Fleece Half Zip Pullover ($40) was this year’s must-have pullover.

In addition to being incredibly soft (and very warm), it has a thick, tall collar that maintains its shape, so it doubles as a scarf when zipped up. What’s more, it has ribbed elastic cuffs so you can easily push the sleeves up (and they’ll actually stay), as well as a ribbed, draw-string hem, so you can wear it loosely at hip length or tighten it for a cropped look.

target pullover

While $40 might seem like a lot for a Target garment, trust me when I say it’s 100 percent worth it. My only concern when buying it was that the high pile fleece would matte down with wear after washing and drying it but, to my genuine surprise, it held up beautifully. So much so that I not only have it in the Magenta, Green, and Sky Blue colors (and am this close to buying the Brown) but also that it’s the only top option I brought on a weekend getaway to the Smoky Mountains (with temps dipping into the low 20s—it’s that warm!).

target fleece

As I sit typing this, I’m perched on the comfiest leather love seat in a fully decked-out treehouse at the Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek—and the Joy Lab High Pile Fleece Half Zip Pullover only makes it that much cozier. Needless to say, I’ve found my winter uniform.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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