Judy Greer Can’t Travel Without Joanna Vargas Sheet Masks or Bath Salts

Photo: Instagram/@missjudygreer
When your best friend recommends in-flight essentials, you're pretty likely to listen—especially when she just so happens to have glowy skin. While Judy Greer is probably not your IRL BFF, since she plays the role in so many rom-coms and fills the luminous-skin requirement, it's a smart idea that you listen to her high-in-the-sky beauty hacks.

Cindy Crawford is all about mascara and lip gloss, and Jessica Chastain doesn't go anywhere without Egyptian Magic face cream, but Greer's covetable carry-on items are aimed at beating travel-related stress. Aside from a trusty steamer (because suitcase wrinkles are the worst!) and a good book, the actress is also really into sheet masks and bath salts.

"I need all the Joanna Vargas sheet masks. They’re very travel-friendly and make me look like I’ve slept for 10 hours, even if I took the red-eye," Greer said.

"I need all the Joanna Vargas sheet masks. They’re very travel-friendly and make me look like I’ve slept for 10 hours, even if I took the red-eye," she told The Cut, adding that her favorite varieties are the Bright Eye Firming Mask and the Dawn Face Mask.

As for her bath salts, the funny lady makes sure to be clear about how exactly she uses them—and most importantly how she doesn't.

"[I use] bath salts for bathing, not sniffing," she said. Despite tub-clad hotel rooms being fewer and farther between, Greer still totes along the product just in case she wins the claw-foot lottery. "I love Rozilla because it’s warm-smelling and relaxing. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation, even if I’m traveling for work," she said.

Now just grab the new waterproof Kindle, and you're all set in the dreamy bath #goals department.

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