Juice Press, Coming Soon to an Equinox Near You

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Zack and Kelly, Tina and Amy, avocado and toast: all classic, ever-reliable dream teams. And now, you can add Juice Press and Equinox to the mix. The like-minded, all-things-healthy brands have partnered up to make sure you can easily grab your Mother Earth or matcha latte after your favorite 30/60/90 class.

The partnership, kicking off at 19 Equinox locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut over the next four months, is the latest in major expansion news for Juice Press. Equinox plans to replace select cafés with Juice Press locations starting at its new East 92nd Street gym opening in May. By its completion, the overhaul will almost double the number of Juice Press locations in the Northeast, from 29 to 52. And while it's not shocking that the NYC juice company continues to take over the healthy world, it is surprising considering it wasn't too long ago that Equinox was stocking up on Pressed Juicery juices.

Nicole De Anda teaches a Gold Barre class at Equinox Beverly Hills
Photo: Equinox

But now, the gym is going all in for Juice Press. "Nutrition is an important pillar within Equinox's holistic approach to health and wellness, and Juice Press' offering aligns with our beliefs around clean, conscientiously sourced foods," Patrik Hellstrand, group vice president of operations at Equinox, said in a release.

Juice Press first teamed up with Equinox two years ago in NYC, in Equinox's Bryant Park club. "We're excited by the opportunity to partner with the Equinox brand—a high-performance lifestyle leader," says Juice Press founder and CEO Marcus Antebi. "Bringing the brands together will reinforce to consumers that wellness is an integrated effort between exercise and dietary efforts and decisions."

Is green juice the new Muscle Milk? All signs are pointing (and flexing) to yes.

Another cold-pressed collaboration happening right now: juice and data (really!). Get a custom blend, formulated using self-reported health info. 

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