Breaking News: Juicero Is Shutting Down Operations

Photo: Juicero
Just a year and a half ago, the wellness world was raising a healthy glass to Juicero, the startup that raised $100 million in funding for its revolutionary cold-pressed juicer. But today, Fortune reports that the company is shutting down operations—effective immediately.

Often called "the Keurig of juicers," the single-serve juice maker raised eyebrows when it was released for its hefty price tag.

Often called "the Keurig of juicers," those who tried it couldn't deny the benefits of getting cold-pressed juice at home with zero cleanup required—and perhaps that selling point was enough for the Silicon Valley investors who lined up to bet millions on Juicero's potential as a game-changer.

But ultimately, at $400 for the machine—plus $7 to $10 for each juice packet (not including shipping)—it wasn't exactly affordable for the average sipper. (And that's down from the $699 price tag it initially had.) Plus, the packets had a shelf life of mere days, like fresh produce.

So it actually required way more planning than buying pre-made organic juice—and it wasn't any cheaper. And to top it off, the fact that Juicero required a wifi connection to make your daily green juice freaked a lot of people out.

Fortune reports that last month the company attempted to drop the price even lower—cutting 25 percent of the staff in the process—but ultimately, it didn't turn things around. So what are all the people who shelled out the money for their pricey juicer supposed to do now? If you have one, you have up to 90 days to request a refund. So, hey, at least not all is lost.

Here's our conversation with Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn last year, about the company's greatest challenges. And while fresh cold-pressed juice might be out of reach—at least at home—you can make some pretty amazing smoothies with one of these top-rated blenders.

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