What Kind of Fireworks July 4th Has in Store for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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I wouldn’t blame you if celebrating America and the country’s independence isn’t high on your priority list at the moment, given recent news restricting reproductive rights and also a historical undercurrent of inequality. But, from a cosmic outlook, there are entirely different reasons to use the July 4th holiday as an excuse to have a high-vibe day. In fact, the astrology of July 4th may well deliver a little extra commotion for all of the zodiac signs.

From a broad-scale perspective, there is, admittedly, some cosmic juice behind the social unrest and political division rippling through the country—namely, the return of Pluto this year to the same degree of Capricorn as it was in when the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. And that transit has been exposing the shadow sides of this country and the systemic inequalities upon which it was founded for some time now.

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“As we begin to see the collective affected by America’s intense Pluto return, it can feel like a strange time for a celebration on July 4th,” says astrologer Ellen Bowles, co-author of Astrology SOS. “But as the holiday arrives fresh off a Cancer new moon, our intentions will be more about the gathering of friends and loved ones.” That’s all thanks to the extra Cancerian energy in the air: “Cancer is the nurturer, caregiver, and emotional provider of the zodiac,” she says, “and during Cancer season, we can turn our focus to those we care about, holding them close.”

“While our sense of passion reaches a fever pitch [on July 4th], a harmonious connection between Mars and Mercury will also help us channel this fire into a powerful message.” —Alex Caiola, astrologer

Also on July 4th itself, intense Mars will be in the last degrees of fire-sign Aries, dialing up the emotions of the day, says astrologer and psychic coach Alex Caiola, founder of the spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. “While our sense of passion reaches a fever pitch, a harmonious connection between Mars and Mercury will also help us channel this fire into a powerful message,” she says.

Below, Caiola and Bowles break down how this July 4 astrology may uniquely affect each of the zodiac signs. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to get the best sense of how you can expect your cosmic fireworks to pop, so to speak.

Here's how the astrology of July 4th may add some excitement to your life, based on your zodiac sign


With fiery Mars—your planetary ruler—in your sign, "your powerful identity will be front and center on July 4th," says Caiola. "People will look to you to set the tone." One way to do that is by leaning into your naturally physical side and planning a few high-energy activities with family and friends, suggests Bowles. Remember: You typically thrive on anything that involves game play and a healthy dose of friendly competition.


You could find yourself with the desire to tend to your nest and yourself, Taurus. The Cancer sun may bring out your domestic side, says Bowles, pushing you to zhuzh up your home environment or decor. Or, in a similar vein, you could be pushed to consider what changes you might make to feel more at home, emotionally.

Because the Cancerian energy could also dial up your intuition, you may experience "major breakthroughs in your spiritual practice," as well, according to Caiola. And as a result, your celestial July 4th fireworks could come in the form of new revelations around a personal dilemma that's been nagging you.


You are your own commotion around this time of year, Gemini. As the classic social butterfly of the zodiac wheel, you tend to thrive during high summer, says Bowles. Though you typically have no problem extending yourself to new people, she recommends going out of your way to surround yourself with new energy—anyone and anything that "keeps you curious and engages your interests," she says. Once you let your natural curiosity guide you, you could even find new prospects and new forms of connection at the family barbecue or a gathering of old friends.


It's your season, Cancer, and the sun in your sign could encourage you to put yourself first this 4th of July—in all the right ways. "If you've been wanting to advocate for yourself, whether on a personal or career front, now is the time to do it," says Bowles. In addition to the sun's positive influence, you'll have Mars and Jupiter behind you; they're both traversing your 10th house of public reputation, awards, and achievements, says Caiola. And that means you have additional cosmic backing for a potential promotion on the docket, too.


Because emotions-driven Cancer season can hit you hard, you could be in need of a big release, Leo. And if you're traveling for the holiday, you could likely find it on your trip, says Caiola. With Mars and Jupiter in your ninth house of adventure, expect any trip you take to be the action-packed trip of a lifetime, she says. And if you don't have travel plans? Consider using the energy of this day to embrace some wanderlust and plan an epic vacation for the future.


Your July 4th excitement could come in the form of moving past personal roadblocks, Virgo. Perhaps you start to redefine your relationship to money or power, as energetic Mars touches your eighth house of shared resources. "This holiday could allow you to cut detrimental cords, in a big way," says Caiola. Or, maybe you set aside time for self-love and come into communion with your own emotions—in alignment with Cancer season's energy. "This is an opportune time for you to prioritize yourself," says Bowles, "for example, by taking yourself out to the beach, a spa, or a restaurant solo."


Your relationships could get a burst of cosmic love, Libra, as the sun in Cancer highlights your 10th house of public reputation, while Mars touches on your seventh house of partnerships. "This holiday will serve a beautiful purpose in helping you shed your skin in your close relationships and show up in an extra exfoliated and wonderful way," says Caiola. That could also mean you feel inspired to pour more energy and effort into those relationships—which you can expect to get right back from your loved ones, says Bowles.


Support from intense Mars—your traditional planetary ruler—in your sixth house of daily rituals could energize you around exercise and activity, Scorpio. That could mean you feel motivated to kick-start a new workout routine or simply get your body in motion in new ways. Or, if you've been actively pursuing a new favorite exercise modality, this energy could lead you to set a personal record, says Caiola. Either way, you're likely to feel as physically amped as a firework itself.


Though Cancer season can weigh heavy on you, Sagittarius, you'll get a dose of helpful energy from Mars in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure on July 4th. "This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your joys and talents," says Caiola. That could mean hosting a party and letting others bask in your naturally vibrant energy. Or, it could mean leaning into your regular sources of pleasure—like travel, for one, suggests Bowles. "It's important for your psyche to get out and stretch your legs," she says, even if that just means heading to a new spot in your neighborhood.


Like Libra, you're poised to experience some relationship fireworks this July 4th. In your case, the sun in your opposite sign of Cancer is shining a spotlight on lovey-dovey feelings, highlighting your seventh house of partnerships. "You could feel your passion rising for your significant other, or you may want to profess feelings you've been holding inside," says Bowles. In either case, you'll thrive with one-on-one dates around the holiday—equally ideal for getting deep and intellectual as they are for getting sexy.


You could find yourself feeling revved up around an important cause and ready to create positive change in your neighborhood, with active Mars highlighting your third house of community and communication. "Your voice will carry like a megaphone this holiday," says Caiola. "So, think about what it is you'd like to say." Any kind of community work or volunteering with local advocacy groups could provide a venue for it, says Bowles: "You'll feel your best when you're giving back in ways that are prosperous to the world around you."


As a highly sensitive person, you feed off others' energy—and that bodes well for the high-vibe energy of summer and July 4th. Essentially, you're capable of soaking it all in, and with the sun in Cancer activating your fifth house of pleasure, you're also well set up to keep the good vibes rolling. To do that, Bowles suggests leaning into a creative activity or hobby. "Create a musical or artistic experience for the family gathering or spend time outdoors reconnecting with nature," she suggests. In any case, you'll be highly attuned to your connection with everything around you.

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