Your July Energy Horoscope: Time to Speak Your Truth

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It's not just the stars and planets that can give you a heads-up on what's about to happen—an energy forecast can also serve as a metaphysical roadmap for the month ahead. Think of it as a woo-woo weather report, which spiritual healers—like Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman)—can tap into, interpret, and share.

Want to know what the universe has in store this month? Keep reading for her cosmic divination for July—where she'll prep you for what's coming, equip you with the tools you need to handle it like a boss, plus share the spirit animal she says you'll want to channel as a symbolic guide to help you on your path to self-actualization.

July’s energy began speaking to me earlier than any other forecast—it was ready and pumped to be known.

After June’s theme of reconfiguration, many of you might have experienced a lot of shifting, changing, and re-patterning in terms of how you’re living your lives—all for the better! And now, the message of this month’s horoscope is truth.

Over the coming weeks, prepare to focus on honesty in many forms.

Over the coming weeks, prepare to focus on honesty in many forms—it’s about living your life in a more authentic way. As the veils continue to get thinner and thinner, and you become more and more awake, your ability to smell or sense falsity is drastically increasing—just take note that the same goes for others' power to suss out artifice in you.

In places where you might be prone to telling even what appear to be “innocent” white lies, take a pause and reconsider; begin to operate and communicate as openly and transparently as possible. Doing so is wildly empowering and brings with it great health—but it can require practice to deliver truth from a place of love and groundedness.

Keep reading for a deeper look into what this month has in store, energetically speaking.

Tap into your inner Madonna and express yourself

As you become more mindful this month in sharing your truth, try this technique when a moment for honest communication arises: Close your eyes, begin inhaling through your nose, and exhaling longer, slower, deeper breaths through your mouth. Once you’re in this rhythm, envision a thick, golden glaze of honey pouring down your head, neck, and shoulders. Continue to let it coat all around and within you until it anchors you securely into Mother Earth. Feel what it's like to be held there. Then ask yourself, “What is my truth and how do I express it with love?”

Once that answer reveals itself, trust the response. Fill your entire being with unconditional tenderness so your message will be delivered from that place, and call on any light guides—or Archangel Gabriel, guardian of communication—to support you in the process of sharing.

Give yourself five minutes each morning to physically convey your inner realness.

Movement is another way that authenticity will reveal itself this month. Right now, if you allowed yourself to shift around, uninhibited, in a way that articulates your soul’s truth, what does that feel and look like? Try this practice regularly—it’s your RockStar Shaman homework for the month. Give yourself five minutes each morning to physically convey your inner realness and see how this practice can help re-shape your life in a higher way!

Lastly, begin to tap deeper into how nature communicates with you. When you're near water, try to read it, hear it. What’s it telling you? Tune in to the breeze and the energies air carries your way—you may notice your sense of smell heightening.

July spirit animal: the dolphin

The dolphin assists you with expressing your inner truth and being your honest self. You can call on it for support and encouragement in order to have your most empowering month of 2017 yet.

As you step more into your power, all of your gifts become increasingly evident—July is a time of experiencing life from your innate nature, in every way. Be who you authentically came here to be.


Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. O Magazine named her method a “Top Meditation to Try.”

And Charles, a national champion runner and international TV and radio host, now uses her calling to shamanism to teach people how to awaken their power through partnerships with high-vibe brands like THINX, W Hotel, The William Vale, The New York Times, National Geographic Channel, and Forbes.

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