June Love Horoscope: Get Ready for a Summer That’s Steamy in More Ways Than One

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At long last, it's officially June, which means summer may be occupying some amount of your headspace. And to maximize your summer-loving efforts, it's wise to turn to the cosmos in this first edition of your summer love horoscope 2019. This month, Mars is in Cancer, meaning your desires are best expressed through deep nurturing. Now's the time to be extra-sensitive to a partner’s (or potential partner's) needs, tending carefully to any emotions that seem right beneath the surface.

Venus leaves super-sensual Taurus for talkative Gemini on the 8th, so you can express your thirst with words. Translation: This is the hottest sexting month of the year, according to the stars. In addition to stockpiling digital messages to send in the coming weeks, bookmark the following romantically significant dates this month:

June 2: Venus trine Pluto (meaning the two planets align at a soft angle). The deepest depths of love can be revealed if you dare to look at the shadows of your relationship.

June 14: Mars trine Neptune and opposite Saturn. Projection clashes with reality, and the truth could make you angry (or just randy). Either way, work out that conflict in bed.

June 19: Mercury opposite Pluto. Your words could be cutting, so make sure you don’t ruin things by being critical of a new lover.

June 23: Venus opposite Jupiter. Too much is never enough, which means you might fall head over heels and then spend the rest of the summer wondering what the heck even happened.

With your calendar marked with those important dates and a backlog of sexts ready to send the object(s) of your desire, you're ready to take June by romantic storm. Below, check out what's in store for your zodiac sign.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign
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You’re not always super cuddly, but June’s stars insist that you nest with the best of 'em. Your ruler, Mars, wants you to ramp up your desire, let go of your usual “I’M BORED!” mantra, and chill at home—even if doing so feels unnatural and uncomfortable at first. Slow down long enough to make your partner a smoothie; if you’re single, say yes to scrolling and swiping in your pajamas instead of dressing up and heading to the bar—just for now, though. After Venus jumps into Gemini on the 8th, you’re good to slide into your crush’s DMs because your literary charms are off the hook. The full moon in Sagittarius is perfect for steamy rendezvous, so book a jaunt on the weekend of the 15th.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Revel in the glorious sensual vibes of the first week of June, Taurus, because aside from gifting you a glow usually provided by your stylist, Venus makes you a magnet for romance. After she slides into Gemini on the 8th, you’ll love giving or getting super-luxe sexy (and even sex-related) gifts from your lover.

The summer solstice is a day for mysticism and magic, so prepare to be enchanted and get your frolic on for the 21st. With the sun slipping into your communication zone for the last ten days of the month, you’re the master of emojis and sexting alike.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


The stars are gifting you a seriously sexy birthday month. Not only is the sun glowing in your stars through the 21st, but romance-besotted Venus lands there on the 8th, making you the object of many desires. You wouldn’t have it any other way, even if you’ve got one special person. And if you’re a single twin (an oxymoron, because you’re the only sign who’s never truly alone)? Use the Venus in Gemini energy to tune in to what you really want and exactly how you want to be loved. Mars in Cancer can help you get in touch with your body’s needs as well. (Hint: It's a great time for solo sex).

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Go after what you want without hesitation this month, Cancer. It may not be exactly your style, but trust that now is the time to slip into a far more audacious way of dating, mating, and relating. Feisty Mars only comes to your sign every two years, so consider this your chance to banish your innate shyness in favor of boldness when it comes to love and sex.

Your fantasy life is on fire for much of the month, with the sun in Gemini and the new moon in your dream zone on the 3rd. Set intentions for your next six months of heightened, electrifying daydreams while this energy is buzzing. In fact, jot down some of those fantasies and read them aloud to your partner. Or just tantalize yourself by reading some inspirational erotica in bed. The summer solstice drips with endless magic, so make plans to be with a lover (or find a new one) on the 21st, when the sun moves into your sign and lights up your entire life for the next four weeks.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Your June stars are sizzling, Leo. With Mars in your dream zone for the entire month, your fantasy life is so intense, it could almost feel like your daydreams are happening IRL. And with romantic Venus moving through your house of friends starting on the 8th, your besties and colleagues can direct your flings. In other words, this is the month to let someone set you up and swipe less discerningly.

The new moon lands in this part of your chart on the 3rd, helping you set intentions for your social life for the next six months. And the 14th could be one of your sexiest days of the entire year when Mars and Neptune align . If you’ve ever thought about experimenting with tantra, now's the time to dive in.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


June’s vibes are super social for you, Virgo. Nurturing all your relationships is key to revving the motor on your romantic life. Trust that the stars know best when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. With Mars driving your interactions with friends and followers online and IRL, mixing things (and relationships) up as liberally as possible is key. Venus spends her last week in your house of travel and then chills in your career zone after the 8th. There is likely some romance to be found on the road during the first week of June, but after that, you might just find it at the office—just proceed with caution. The summer solstice invites yet another opportunity to deepen your connections to friends and lovers.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Relationships are always fulfilling for you, but June brings your partnership obsession to a whole new level. With your ruler, Venus, in Taurus until the 8th, the first week of June is sexy, but with enough traditional romance to satisfy you. You don’t necessarily need anyone to bring you flowers (although that’s nice), but you do need to feel seen, understood, and adored, regardless of whether your see them the person again.

Mars ensures that some of this adoration comes through your career, meaning this could be the month that the colleague you thought just liked your moxie reveals they have real feelings for you. The full moon brings all of your feels out on the 17th and translates them into words that you can’t help saying, texting, or DMing. You’ve got to get it out of your system, for better or worse (most likely better).

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Venus remains in your relationship zone through the 8th, so get your romance on during the first week of the month. The new moon lands in your intimacy zone on the 3rd, bringing your annual opportunity to set goals for your life between the sheets. Yes, Scorpio, put your sex goals down in writing; it's the stars’ way of helping you course correct in the most pleasurable way possible. The summer solstice is so sexy it hurts and is best spent on the road. If you’re single, note that the sun steps into your travel zone on this magical day, so the next four weeks are all about getting busy on the road—or joining the mile-high club for the first time.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Relationships rule your world this month. With the sun in Gemini and the new moon hitting your partnership zone on the 3rd, it’s the best time of the month—and, truly, the entire year—to set goals for your love life. Think ahead into the next six months, and consider any entrenched patterns you need to shift in your relationship. If you’re single, envision how your ideal partnership might look.

The full moon arrives in your stars on the 17th, and it’s a moment to take yourself to self-love boot camp. Release any doubts about your value and know that only the most giving, honest partners deserve your attention. Expect a totally blissed out and magical summer solstice as the sun slips into your house of sex for the next four weeks. Intimacy is great, but to experience true ecstasy, let yourself be vulnerable.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


June delivers the magic you require to let go of control for a minute, Capricorn. With the sun in Gemini and the new moon landing there on the 3rd, your mind-body connection is everything. An orgasmic meditation class might just forge your path to that perfect combo of mindfulness and pleasure. Venus, the goddess of love, remains in your romance and dating zone through the 8th, so if you’re unattached, start swiping right for opportunities to connect. If you have a partner, this is totally a “bring back the spark” phase, so set up at least one date night. The sun dips into your relationship zone around the summer solstice to light up your love life in a major way for the next four weeks. The last 10 days of the month are perfect for meditating on the true meaning of partnership.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Not only is the sun in your pleasure zone until the 21st, but the new moon also lands there on the 3rd, gifting you with six months dripping with romance. This is an important annual lunation in your bliss zone, so take proper of advantage of these delicious stars and set goals for your next six months of sex-related goings-on, no matter your relationship status. But if you’re looking for a new lover, imagine that person in detail, because the stars want to do your bidding right now.

The full moon on the 17th amps up your social life to a potential extreme but also makes setups more viable. So if your bestie wants you to meet her cute coworker, take her up on the offer, and give the swiping game another shot.


Mars in Cancer is your time to shine in the realms of love and pleasure. With the planet of desire in your romance zone, you’re in hot pursuit of gratification, and nothing can get in your way. If your libido’s been rather blah in recent months (Neptune may have muted it a bit), this transit wakes up your longings and reminds you to prioritize them. So, for now, try not to make things about your partner’s needs.

Home is where your heart thrives, especially after the 8th, when Venus settles at the bottom of your chart for a few weeks. This is extraordinary domestic-goddess energy, so work it in the kitchen or bedroom, or just take food into bed to make your sex life more interesting. And with the summer solstice being off the charts with love and pleasure and romance, dig in and enjoy without a shred of regret or guilt.

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