The Mood-Boosting Shower Secret Designer Justina Blakeney Swears By

Photo: Native
Jungalow designer Justina Blakeney's entire aesthetic is based on bringing nature into the home. Take a peek at her Instagram feed, and you'll get an instant mood boost thanks to the endless stream of photos of plants, bright decor, and jungle-inspired art. Now, she's partnered with body-care brand Native to bring a little bit of that "jungaliciousness" into your shower—and the result is a line of body washes and deodorants that will transport you on a mini mental vacation.

"At Jungalow, we aim to foster the human-nature connection," says Blakeney—and that was exactly what she wanted to do through the brand's collaboration with Native. The packaging is decorated with colorful artwork, and the scents were all chosen based on memories of her travels (the combination of tangerine and citrus blossom, for example, reminded her of trips she's taken to Morocco). "It was about going in and thinking about the colors, scents, and patterns and figuring out how to bring them into a product in an immersive way—doing so visually but also making it a comprehensive experience," she says.

Her hope is that this combination of sights and scents will allow people to be mentally transported outside of their shower, and give them a sense of feeling at one with nature. We know that the olfactory system is directly linked to the mental and emotional parts of your brain, which is why scents tend to evoke such strong memories (and explains why I can't smell Axe body spray without immediately thinking of my high school boyfriend). This scent-memory connection can be particularly useful right now, when many of us are stuck in our homes, because sniffing something that reminds us of somewhere we'd rather be—like on a tropical vacation, for example—can help shift thoughts of worry and anxiety and toward something more positive.

For Blakeney, this has made all the difference in transforming her daily showers into an integral part of her self-care practice."Now that I have all of the different body washes in my showers, I get in the shower and think, 'Where do I want to go this morning?'" says Blakeney. "It's a moment where I have a real respite... and smelling scents that are a bit more floral and fruity that lean into the plant world gives me a little bit of a spa moment, and the feeling of traveling or being somewhere different." To take a sensory trip of your own (without having to leave your bathroom), shop the collection below.

Jungalow x Native Tangerine & Citrus Blossom Deodorant ($12) and Body Wash ($8)

Photo: Native

About the scent: "The Tangerine and Citrus Blossom scent is inspired by Morocco, where while riding through the countryside on trains, the perfume of surrounding citrus trees is totally intoxicating in the best way possible."

Shop now: Jungalow x Native Tangerine & Citrus Blossom Deodorant ($12) and Body Wash ($8)

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