To Find the Astrological Key to Your Relationship Style, Look to Your Juno Sign

Interpreting what the cosmos divines for your personality goes far beyond your sun sign, which is the location of the sun when you were born (and the sign you likely read in a horoscope). To start, there's the placement of all the other planets and the moon in your natal chart, and each holds unique significance. And even beyond the planets, there are other celestial bodies of note when it comes to the nuances of your life approach, one of the most prominent being an asteroid called Juno. Based upon its classic symbolism (it was named after the goddess of marriage in Roman mythology), Juno in astrology can illuminate new insights into just how you thrive in long-term commitments and relationships.

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But before we delve into the meaning of each Juno sign, a quick note on the astrological implications of asteroids, in general: Because these celestial bodies were discovered by astronomers well after the planets, they had a later entry into the world of astrology, too. Four that bring the most relevant insights (Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres) are all named after Roman and Greek goddesses and are thought to reflect different and related sides of our psyches.

Juno's energy, in particular, typically demonstrates the love in your life that is worth the wait, says astrologer Corina Crysler: "This love manifests when we are ready to receive the love that we need, and not necessarily the love that we think we want."

"Juno's energy speaks to relationships built on equality, support, and deep intimacy." —astrologer Corina Crysler

This interpretation comes directly from Juno's namesake, the wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology, who was known for her unwavering loyalty (even as Jupiter proved unfaithful) and her protection over women, says Crysler: "Juno's energy speaks to relationships built on equality, support, and deep intimacy."

Even so, it's worth noting that such a relationship will not necessarily come easily—but that's essentially the point. "When challenges arise in any soulful relationship, they can help spur personal growth," says Crysler, "and both because of and despite such challenges, this kind of relationship lays the foundation for beautiful experiences and true devotion."

To wit, understanding where Juno is placed in your chart can offer insight into what, exactly, you seek in a harmonious relationship and what you need from another person in order to commit to such a partnership wholeheartedly. (To find your Juno placement, plug your birth date, time, and location into a free chart generator.)

Below, Crysler shares what Juno in astrology may reveal, depending on which zodiac sign the asteroid occupies in your chart.

Here's what each Juno placement in astrology can tell you about your relationship and commitment style:

Juno in Aries

"This fire sign will need some spice in a relationship," says Crysler. And not just at the beginning of the relationship, but throughout it, given that an Aries Juno values freedom, adventure, and the ability to initiate change whenever they desire it. (If you fall in this camp, you may also be happiest in a long-term relationship when other elements of your life feel vibrant and ever-evolving.) To that end, individualism is also key here, as an Aries Juno will appreciate having enough independence from a partner to allow for full self-expression.

Juno in Taurus

As is classic for Earthy Taureans, those with a Taurus Juno sign will appreciate the groundedness that comes with stability and security in a relationship, says Crysler. If this is you, you're bound to crave a sense of home from an ideal partner, and you won't necessarily enjoy the volatility of being with a free-spirit type. "You also desire someone who is deeply sensual and will appreciate all the beautiful things in life," adds Crysler.

Juno in Gemini

Constant intellectual stimulation is key for a Gemini Juno, who will tire easily of anyone who doesn't manage to match their high frequency. You value good communication, too, and like to listen as much as you like to be listened to, says Crysler, and you'll vibe with someone who keeps things interesting and fun at all times.

Juno in Cancer

You can call yourself the biggest lover of the zodiac, Cancer Juno—and in a very traditional sense. When it comes down to marriage and long-term commitment, you'll desire all the classic, foundational components (aka someone with whom to build a home and establish a family). "You are also attracted to someone who will nurture you and be able to hold space for your sensitivities and emotional needs," says Crysler.

Juno in Leo

A bright, Hollywood kind of love will be important to a Leo Juno, who savors passion at every stage of a relationship. (And should things feel like they're dimming at any point, this person can either lose interest or become insecure.)

"You desire someone to whom you are extremely attracted, and who can complement you in public social settings," says Crysler. This partner also needs to be very involved in your life—not only as a spouse, but perhaps as a business partner and a co-parent to your kids (which Crysler says you'll likely want)—and have an interest in keeping things creative, much like for an Aries Juno.

Juno in Virgo

A Virgo Juno will find someone attractive who knows what they want and takes action to get it. "You also may feel a past-life or familiar connection with your ideal partner and will value health and routine in any successful long-term partnership," says Crysler. In seeking out this person, be wary of being overly critical. Those with Juno in Virgo tend to search for a "perfect" relationship before committing, to which Crysler urges you to remember that there is, in fact, no perfect union.

Juno in Libra

You'll find a deep connection with a partner who can consistently charm you, Libra Juno. And you will love most passionately the person who is always courting you. As such, you have a tendency to fall fast, especially when your partner knows what your heart wants, says Crysler.

When disagreements arise in a relationship, however, try not to take them too much to heart. "Arguments happen even in strong partnerships, and you will have the emotional wherewithal to restore the balance," says Crysler.

Juno in Scorpio

Perhaps the deepest and moodiest sign, a Scorpio placement for Juno brings all those feelings to a marriage-level commitment, too. "You're seeking someone who can take you to the depths of your desires, both in terms of sexual and non-sexual intimacy," says Crysler.

This type of soul and spirit connection is essential to your retaining interest in the relationship over time. In your search for this person, be conscious to steer clear of jealous feelings, adds Crysler, which will be counterproductive.

Juno in Sagittarius

Keenly aware of the importance of fun, adventure, and exploration in life, a Sagittarius Juno has an easy eye for a good match: These qualities typically manifest—or are visibly lacking—early on in a relationship, giving you clear insights into who will or won't satisfy your needs from the jump. So, don't be afraid to trust your intuition when it comes time to commit. "You'll also desire someone who's willing to support your need to learn, and who's lighthearted enough to give in to your spontaneity," says Crysler.

Juno in Capricorn

You'll crave structure and stability in any long-term relationship, and someone with whom you can create clear goals and a plan for the future, says Crysler. That said, a deep yearning for that kind of security could have you shoehorning yourself into a relationship that doesn't quite fit. If you suspect that may be the case, try to be more consciously vulnerable about your past and what you value. It is possible to develop a sense of stability in an unsuspecting place, making it all the more important for you to keep an open mind in the realm of long-term commitments.

Juno in Aquarius

You'll likely vibe with someone different from whomever the people in your life are telling you to be with, Aquarius Juno. Convention and tradition aren't nearly as important to you as someone who can accept all the facets of who you are, no matter their background, style, or persona. "You both may really be your own person, but somehow that's the connection that'll work," says Crysler. Deep down, you'll require this partner to share your values and future intentions, even if that isn't evident from a surface level. "Be sure to check in emotionally on the regular," adds Crysler, as it's easy for you to drift apart from a romantic connection, while pursuing solo goals.

Juno in Pisces

The mystical, imaginative energy of this water sign figures big in the space of relationships, leading a Pisces Juno to seek a true meeting of the souls, says Crysler: "Big romance and a connection with room to grow will be important for a long-term partnership." You'll be in search of someone sensitive and soft around the edges for easy support—but be sure to separate yourself from this person every so often to pursue personal growth (and avoid leaning on them too heavily). "Just remember, the reunion will be something beautiful to look forward to," she adds.


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