These 2 Zodiac Signs Will *Really* Feel the Good Vibes of the Upcoming Jupiter Cazimi, an Astrological Highlight of Spring

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In the astrological world, spring is the beginning of the new year, associated with renewal and a blank slate. And although it's just March, the season has already brought some major happenings on the cosmic front, such as the luckiest day of 2023 for all signs and this year's especially supercharged spring equinox. The zodiac signs that rule the spring—fiery Aries, sensual and down-to-earth Taurus, and witty and curious Gemini—will all lend their own vibes during their respective seasons. But one of the most exciting astro moments of the spring happens in just a few days, during Aries season: On April 11, Jupiter is cazimi, which means that the planet of luck and good fortune meets up in conjunction with the sun.

"Every time the sun meets up with a planet, it’s a really special moment because it’s a restart to its cycle."—Kirah Tabourn, astrologer

This transit is a highlight on this week’s episode of The Well+Good Podcast, during which host and director of podcasts Taylor Camille speaks with astrologer Kirah Tabourn about what the cosmos has in store for us in the months of April, May, and June. The Jupiter cazimi is “one of the best little alignments we get [in 2023],” says Tabourn. “Every time the sun meets up with a planet, it’s a really special moment because it’s a restart to its cycle.”

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Why the 2023 Jupiter cazimi will bring luck for all signs, but especially so for Sagittarius and Pisces

According to Tabourn, any planet being in cazimi is a special moment, bringing an opportunity for growth and renewal around themes associated with that planet. Essentially, the sun acts as a spark to the planet's core quality—which is, in this case, Jupiter's penchant for luck and fortune. As a result, we can all expect an extra dose of good vibes around April 11.

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But given that Jupiter is Sagittarius's modern-day planetary ruler and Pisces's traditional planetary ruler (before Neptune was discovered), these two signs can expect to really experience Jupiter's beneficent touch on the Jupiter cazimi. Because the sun and Jupiter will both be in Aries—a self-starter cardinal sign of the fire element—the energy of this particular cazimi will also have an extra tinge of intensity to it, with which fellow fire sign Sagittarius may especially resonate.

Naturally optimistic, curious, and fun-loving, Sagittarians can expect to feel like the best versions of themselves during this Jupiter cazimi, according to Tabourn. That's especially true because it falls in their fifth house of pleasure and play, making this an ideal day for all Sagittarians to lean into fun, sex, and socializing. So, Sag, if you have any leisure plans you've been putting off, pencil them into your calendar for April 11, and approach them with gusto. "It's a really great time for Sagittarius to feel energized, clear, and motivated," says Tabourn.

For Pisces, the lucky energy of the 2023 Jupiter cazimi will also hit in a big way—but perhaps more materially. The meetup of the sun and Jupiter in Aries will happen in Pisces's second house, which governs finances, value, ownership, and possessions. This could mean you're due to receive a tax refund, Pisces, or perhaps, a bonus at work, or some other influx of material resources that'll pad your bank account...or otherwise enhance your perception of your worth and value.

Not a Sagittarius or a Pisces? Not to worry. For more of Tabourn's insights on what the astrology of the spring season will bring for every zodiac sign, listen to the full podcast episode here.

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