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Jupiter Retrograde Is All About Growth—Here’s the Best Self-Improvement Project for Each Zodiac Sign

Cosmically, we are about to be smack-dab in the middle of a veritable retrograde pile-on, with not one, not two, but five planets stationing in apparent backspins from our perspective here on Earth. The latest to join the list is Jupiter retrograde, which spans from June 20 to October 18. Though it may bring a subtler energy shift than feisty Mercury does with its retrograde journeys, we'll certainly still feel the effects of the Jupiter retrograde of 2021, and they'll mostly be tied to pursuits of our larger passions and goals.

Jupiter's retrograde cycles tend to encourage us to confront decisions we’ve made that have perhaps led us astray from what we love, and then to make new ones in an effort to course-correct. “Jupiter is the planet of faith, optimism, and opportunity,” says astrologer Rachel Lang, “so when Jupiter is retrograde, we’re often aware of an opportunity in life that passed us by or that we didn’t take because we didn’t recognize it as an opportunity at the time.”

“Jupiter retrograde will make [our] comfort zones uncomfortable so that we have no choice but to expand beyond the limits we’ve set for ourselves.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer

In general, however, Jupiter retrogrades aren’t as turbulent on a personal level as those of its planetary counterparts. “It’s the most benign planet,” says Lang, who clarifies that rather than making things painfully difficult, Jupiter retrograde pushes you to grow. “If we’re living too firmly tucked inside our comfort zones, Jupiter retrograde will make those comfort zones uncomfortable so that we have no choice but to expand beyond the limits we’ve set for ourselves."

That said, the particular route of this 2021 Jupiter retrograde will have different effects for you, depending on your birth chart. For example, the planet stations retrograde in the first few degrees of Pisces, so if you were born near the Pisces cusp, you could experience its impact more directly. “A challenging transit could present as a few positive opportunities appearing and then falling through,” says Lang. Jupiter is also the biggest planet in the solar system, so it has a magnifying effect, making certain lost chances or regrets feel like a bigger deal in the moment than they really are.

On the flip side, Jupiter moves back into Aquarius during the retrograde, meaning Aquarians could see missed opportunities from the past start bubbling up again—so, keep your eyes peeled for new pathways to achieving your loftiest goals.

However the Jupiter retrograde of 2021 interacts with your chart, a time for self-growth is on the horizon. “Ultimately, Jupiter wants us to follow whatever excites us the most and what brings up the most enthusiasm, the most joy, and the most passion,” says Lang. Below, she shares how each sign can best lean into this transit and channel its self-improvement energy.

Here’s the best self-improvement project for each Zodiac sign to make the most of the Jupiter retrograde in 2021:


Passionate Aries, this is your time to reconnect with your acquaintances or revisit friendships you may have formed earlier this year, and to deepen existing bonds, says Lang. The presence of Jupiter in the mystical sign of Pisces since May 13 may have heightened your intuition, increasing your ability to read and connect with others. Consider arranging a get-together with friends, and perhaps turning the event into a fundraiser for an organization you love, in order to tap into your fired-up sense of purpose for a good cause.


As it retrogrades, Jupiter will move back into your sector of career, Taurus, allowing you to revisit decisions you made earlier in 2021. In keeping with your tactile, intentional nature, it might be best for you to clearly outline a career path forward. “Create a vision board and place on it any words, pictures, and symbols that reflect your ideal career,” says Lang. While this self-growth moment could inspire a mindset shift that you apply to your current job, it could also lead you to consider a career change.


Like Aquarius—the sign to which Jupiter is headed in this transit—you’re an air sign, meaning the retrograde could have just as potent an effect on you. Think about what you’ve yet to learn, suggests Lang. “You might become inspired to go back to school or take a course for your own personal development.” Another opportunity to expand your horizons? Travel. Given lifting pandemic restrictions, if you’re able to, it could be transformative to situate yourself in a new environment, perhaps somewhere remote or far from home, and see what new ideas that may spark.


You’re a giver, but remember that it’s essential to allow yourself to receive. Take time to investigate where you’re investing all your resources, and whether they’re actually generating a return, says Lang. If not, reign in those expenditures of energy and time, and re-evaluate. “Jupiter wants you to feel enthusiastic about things again, and it wants you to be optimistic about the future,” she adds. Right now, your self-improvement project is to seek feedback and support from loved ones in order to reinvigorate your sense of enthusiasm and purpose.


Typically, you shine in a solo spotlight, but the Jupiter retrograde may actually strengthen your interest in collaborating with others, says Lang. “It allows you to see that you’re not alone, and that by working intimately with friends, you can actually better manifest your goals and desires.” In other terms, it puts relationships into that metaphorical spotlight. To make the most of this energetic change, designate a special date night with your partner, or if you’re single, arrange one-on-one get-togethers with friends. While you’re likely no stranger to a party setting, these more intimate hangouts could be just the thing you need during the Jupiter retrograde to foster deeper connections with your inner circle.


While Jupiter was briefly in Pisces, you might have noticed more optimism in your love life, says Lang. But as it rolls back into Aquarius, it’ll shine a light on your health—an area you’re already keen to consider highly. While taking on a health and wellness overhaul might be your first inclination, instead consider a habit-stacking approach that appeals to your detail-oriented side. “Adopt one new healthy habit at a time,” says Lang, like practicing breathwork before bed or eating a plant-based meal once a week. “When you’ve mastered it and it’s a part of your routine, add another one in, and so on.”


Like Gemini and Aquarius, you’re an air sign, so you can expect the Jupiter retrograde of 2021 to have a bigger impact on you, perhaps in terms of creativity and self-expression. “Your self-care practice is to take up a creative hobby,” says Lang. And push yourself to make that something entirely new, and unrelated to your typical career or justice-driven pursuits—perhaps, painting or pottery. “Don’t be afraid to showcase your work in some way, too,” says Lang. You could find this a rewarding social outlet, as well.


It’s likely that Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius from the end of 2020 through mid-May rustled up your home sector, perhaps inspiring a renovation project or a big upheaval in terms of decluttering. Now that Jupiter is moving back through Pisces into Aquarius, consider it time to finish what you started, says Lang. “Look at your space. What can you declutter? How can you beautify it? Can you create a meditation cove or zen garden?” Channel your natural Scorpio intensity into home-related pursuits as your method of self-growth during this transit, and watch as your personal sanctuary materializes.


Tap into your spontaneity and inquisitiveness during this Jupiter retrograde; the fact that Jupiter moves back into Aquarius can stir up a deeper sense of curiosity. Given your penchant for adventure, Jupiter’s push for growth may naturally lead you to revisit travel plans that you placed on the back burner during quarantine. But you don’t need to go far to experience something novel. “Visit new stores, restaurants, or workout facilities in your community,” suggests Lang. “Discovery is your keyword.”


This particular Jupiter retrograde may influence your perspective on past financial decisions, hustle-oriented Capricorn. “If you missed a money-related opportunity, you might have the chance for a redo,” says Lang. But Jupiter’s beneficent influence will also help you have faith in yourself and what you’re here to offer the world, material earnings aside. “Your self-improvement practice is to do an abundance ritual,” says Lang. “The more you value yourself, the easier you’ll allow the flow of abundance into your life.” But of course, don’t ignore your practical side either: If it feels right, consider asking for a raise or raising your rates. “Upsell without fear!” says Lang.


As Jupiter moves back into your sign during this retrograde, it’s a great time to do what you do best, Aquarius, and envision all your big-picture goals. You’ll feel more of your manifestation power come to fruition, says Lang. “Whatever your top dreams are, reach for those. You could feel unstoppable.” On the flip side, if anything isn’t working in your life, you may feel empowered to drop it, and begin a new chapter. “Jupiter’s influence does magnify all possibilities, however, so it’s important to be discerning about how you focus your energy,” adds Lang. Aim to prioritize what brings you the most joy, and steer clear of pesky distractions.


Jupiter retrograde is bubbling up all the things for you, mystical Pisces, as the planet dipped into your sign on May 13 and will stay there throughout this transit until July 28. As mentioned above, cusp-y Pisces (anyone born near the beginning of the sign) could experience the push-to-grow energy in a very strong way. Be aware of opportunities that you didn’t see through to fulfillment in the past year, and remain steadfast even if you experience regrets (remember, Jupiter retrograde can make little missteps feel like major setbacks, even when they’re not). Lang recommends adopting or deepening a meditation practice. “Being able to silence those loud thoughts and find a sense of relaxation keeps you in the flow of magic in your life,” she says.

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