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Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn Ends With Abundance for Lucky Signs

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Astrology tends to regard Jupiter as the golden child of the zodiac wheel. The planet is imbued with the energy of good fortune, abundance, and expansion. And it's why your Jupiter return is all about living large. So get this: Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn ends on September 12, having backpedaled since May 14. And this can mean some big, glorious changes in your life.

Yes, there have been so many retrogrades in 2020, so let's talk about the planets around Jupiter first, Pluto and Saturn, because all of them have been waltzing together to create a Great Transformation.

"Pluto has been dismantling Saturn's old ways that don't work anymore, and the pressure is on as we quickly approach the Aquarian shift," says astrologer Corina Crysler. "Jupiter's role in this has been significant by taking the things which may be small or hidden and making them large, or seen. It has been blessing the changes to shift into a new paradigm or structure that has needed to happen for some time."

For example, the summer has been marked by a powerful wave in social justice movements like Black Lives Matter, giving a necessary, belated megaphone to call out the injustices of systemic racism. But while Jupiter hasn't just been amplifying those changes, it's been shaking things up on an individual level. Look to where Jupiter has been on your chart since May (a transit generator can help identify that); that house is the area that most impacted your personal expansion. "Meaning, how will you take what you have gathered and all the wisdom around it to expand your horizons," says Crysler. "What abundance and wishes are you calling in? Pluto and Saturn will soon go direct as well, helping this movement even more. If you have rebuilt your life to align with your truth, expect things to start showing up for you in the best way possible. Sometimes we have to wipe the slate clean and start over. Jupiter feeds you with inspired action and personal wisdom, so expect this new foundation to be strong."

Now remember, this is Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, so wherever Capricorn is in your chart would be the area in your life that would have possibly been most affected. Many of us (obviously) would have felt some dismantling in our careers, routines, and responsibilities. You also likely noticed what doesn't make you happy, and certain signs seriously felt like they're being torn apart and put back together.

If you're a Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Rising, you would have deeply felt this shift. Crysler suggests asking yourself: "What does your my structure look like? What did I discover about yourself myself the last 4 months?"

If your ruling planet is Jupiter, a Sagittarius Rising, or you're a Sagittarius Sun or Moon, you also felt the retrograde deeply, but not necessarily in a bad way. During this time you probably uncovered what makes you feel free. Crysler recommends asking yourself: "What areas of self-discovery did I uncover by diving into my cosmic mastery?"

"In the end, for most people, the invitation is to look at if your viewpoints have changed," Crysler says. "What wisdom was uncovered during the stillness? If you expand your potential and ambition outward, where do you go from here?"

Well, hopefully not back into lockdown. But even if it comes to that, it's okay; we now have the insight to dream bigger than ever and even bring them into our reality.

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