With Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus, Do Yourself a Favor and Drop Any ‘All or Nothing’ Thinking

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If you’ve found yourself wondering why this summer has felt a little like one continual ride on the struggle bus, allow some astrology to explain. We’re in the midst of a slate of planetary retrogrades, with taskmaster Saturn, dreamy Neptune, and yes, our good friend Mercury moving in apparent reverse motion. On September 4, we’ll add Jupiter to the list, which will total a whopping seven planets retrograde at once. The expansive planet takes its apparent backward route for about four months in Taurus before stationing direct on December 30.

But unlike other retrogrades, which are known to wreak cosmic chaos, Jupiter retrograde may feel surprisingly productive—auspicious, even. While we don’t play favorites with planets (as they all can impart important lessons), Jupiter is typically associated with the more exciting parts of life: It’s the beneficent planet of good luck and rules over the realms of adventure, exploration, philosophy, and higher learning. Not to mention, its retrograde happens in Taurus, a sign associated with luxury and money. So, it’s safe to say this one won’t hit especially rough.

“When you’re dealing with Jupiter energy, it's expansive, optimistic, outgoing, generous, and growth-oriented.” —Megan Skinner, astrologer and tarot card reader

“When you’re dealing with Jupiter energy, it's expansive, optimistic, outgoing, generous, and growth-oriented,” says astrologer and tarot reader Megan Skinner, co-host of the So Divine! podcast. “The word we associate most often with it is big; it has this very expansive energy.” And even in a retrograde context, that high-octane energy isn’t likely to feel unsettling.

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That said, every retrograde—yes, even Jupiter retrograde—brings with it an opportunity to slow down and re-evaluate things. Just as the planet appears to move backward in the sky, so, too, should we press pause and look to the recent past in order to see what insights we might glean. In the case of Jupiter retrograde, that typically looks like considering where we might be biting off more than we can chew or otherwise indulging too much in the planet’s go-big tendencies.

Overall vibes of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus in 2023

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is associated with all things expansion. “It’s a planet that magnifies our ultimate potential for better or worse,” says astrologer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic. That’s to say, sometimes Jupiter’s influence can push us to go too big or to overindulge, and Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity for a course correction.

That is especially true of this Jupiter retrograde, given it occurs in Taurus, an Earth sign that embodies sensuality, materiality, and physicality. “Jupiter just wants more, and Taurus is very material, so it can become a version of, ‘I want everything,’ which is when it’s out of balance,” says Skinner.

“Jupiter just wants more, and Taurus is very material, so it can become a version of, ‘I want everything,’ which is when it’s out of balance.” —Skinner

For all its love of luxury, however, Taurus is also a deeply practical sign, and has a lot to do with resources and money. It’s for this reason that leaning into budgeting and money management can help you stay grounded throughout this transit, especially as we approach the holiday season.

That said, resist the urge to fall into all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to money. Shopping for holidays gifts, for example, doesn’t have to involve overspending to a huge extent or really skimping on your purchases, says Lang. By the same token, you might consider how to avoid extremes in your actions this retrograde, too: Take note of work-hard, play-hard vibes over the next few months, and see where you can embrace a sense of moderation instead.

Exactly how—and in what facet of your life—you’ll be pushed to find balance this Jupiter retrograde depends on how this transit interacts with your birth chart. Though you might typically read the below horoscopes using your sun sign, the experts also suggest reading for your rising sign, since this sign determines the astrological house (aka realm of life) in which Taurus falls in your chart—and thus, where Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus will hit your chart. (You can find your rising sign by plugging your details into a free chart generator.

Below, Lang and Skinner decode what’s in store for every zodiac sign during this Jupiter retrograde in Taurus and share star-sanctioned insights to help you prepare accordingly.

Here's how this Jupiter retrograde may affect each zodiac sign


Your spending is in the spotlight, Aries, as Jupiter moves through your second house of possessions, personal finances, and values. “This is definitely one of those times for you to dig deep and explore your financial beliefs,” says Lang. Consider how the assets you have—or the assets you might be able to gain—can help expand your life in meaningful ways. Are there any financial opportunities you passed up in the past that, in retrospect, seem like they would've been helpful to take? Reconsider them now.

If you have any financial assets in limbo (like a house or even some furniture or clothing that you're aiming to sell), Lang says to watch out for activity there. “You could have a deal close or find a way to renegotiate a financial opportunity,” she adds.


The planet of luck and abundance is retrograde in your sign, Taurus, which means it's activating your first house of self and identity. Since the planet moved into your sign in May, ushering in your lucky "emerald" year, you've likely been putting yourself out there a little more than usual, says Skinner. “You may have been inspired to create or connect more, or to be more present,” she says. Now, it's time to figure out whether this work has served you.

Are your additional efforts moving you closer to what you want, or are you just doing more for the sake of more? Have you been overextending or burning yourself out in the name of expanding your horizons? Take a beat to ponder these questions, and make plans to either pivot or stay the course. “A lot of things can come to fruition for you [during this retrograde], but you have to be really discerning, so you don't get overwhelmed,” says Lang.


This is a spiritual period for you, Gemini. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus moves through your 12th house of the psyche and subconscious mind, which means it’s time to consider how “your beliefs can create your life experiences,” says Lang. She suggests doing some deep introspection and considering whether your beliefs have been helpful or supportive in your pursuit of your goals—or have left you with doubt or mistrust, instead. To better connect with your inner psyche, Lang also recommends methods like hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.


Jupiter’s retrograde calls on you to consider your friends and associations, Cancer. The planet moves through your 11th house of social networks, encouraging you to think about whether you've been stretching yourself too thin on the social front. Are there any friends whom you’ve prioritized at the expense of your "me" time? Are there any community causes or groups that have swallowed up all your free time?

“This would be a time where you're reevaluating those connections and looking at pulling back,” says Skinner. Remember, alone time is important to rest and recuperate, and getting enough of it can even help your relationships.


You’re thinking about your career and reputation, Leo. According to Skinner, there's a high chance you've been rising and grinding as of late, considering your 10th house of career is in Jupiter's sights. Perhaps you’ve been working additional hours or distinguishing yourself by raising your hand or otherwise stepping up in terms of responsibilities.

Consider how this behavior has served you and what you’ve received in return. “[Ask yourself], 'Has it been worth it, or do I need to shift gears a bit?'” advises Skinner. If you've found yourself overworked (and under-rewarded), she recommends pouring your efforts into nurturing your relationships with friends and family this coming season.


You tend to be excited by the prospect of learning something new, Virgo. So you'll be happy to note that Jupiter’s retrograde occurs in your ninth house of education, adventure, and exploration. This transit is an invitation to expand your knowledge and wisdom. Are you considering grad school, perhaps? Or, have you recently had the urge to download Duolingo and brush up on a foreign language? In any case, stretching your mind in new ways will serve you well, says Lang.

But in classic Jupiter retrograde form, it's also important not to overdo it on the expansion and exploration. Skinner suggests asking yourself if you've perhaps been traveling too much. Maybe you’ve spent every weekend of the summer away, and you desperately need some time to recover. Clearing some time in your calendar to nest could also be part of your Jupiter retrograde agenda.


Your eighth house is in Jupiter’s sights this retrograde, Libra, which means you could find yourself reconsidering your shared finances, taxes, and debts both literal and karmic. “When you have a retrograde in this house, it’s a beautiful time to dig deep because it’s the house of mysteries and the shadows beneath the surface,” says Skinner.

Harness the Jupiterian inclination to expand your spirit by considering how you might better get to know and understand yourself; consider starting therapy (if it feels right), taking up tarot reading, or diving into astrology 101.

If you have an S.O. or someone else with whom you share your finances, check in to make sure everything on that front is copacetic, too. “This is a good time to re-evaluate or renegotiate some of those financial arrangements, either in business or in your personal life,” says Lang.


Jupiter retrograde is coming for your relationships, Scorpio, as the planet moves through your seventh house of partnership. Skinner invites you to consider whether the relationships you hold dear—or the ones you’re thinking of starting—feel balanced, and what it is that you'd like to get from them.

If you’re freshly coupled up, you could gain new insights into certain aspects of your relationship that may not be exactly what you'd hoped. No matter what surfaces, though, it's important to take a beat; now is not the time to make hasty decisions or to dump someone, says Lang. “It is a time to be aware of the ways in which your partner or your romantic relationship may be triggering your own fears about trust, commitment, and intimacy,” she says.

If you’re single, you could benefit from unpacking how you may have felt in a previous relationship, so you can recast those dynamics in future partnerships.


You’ll feel this retrograde especially acutely, Sagittarius, considering Jupiter is your planetary ruler. Its location in Taurus places it in your sixth house, which is all about your daily routines, rituals, and well-being. “This is a time of being really focused in on how you gravitate toward excess or in what ways you tend to hold back,” says Lang.

Consider the habits you maintain related to your health and wellness: Are you incredibly rigid with your daily rituals or perhaps extremely lax? Are you sleeping enough hours each night to feel well-rested during the day? The idea is to align your lifestyle with your wellness goals, says Skinner, whether that means upping the ante or chilling out a bit.


Your fifth house of children, pleasure, and creativity is on the docket this retrograde, Capricorn, which may be unfamiliar territory for you. You tend to pull away from fun and whimsy, but Jupiter is pushing you toward expanding your life in that realm by doing a little more of the things that bring you joy—no matter what those things may be.

“I would remind Capricorn that there are many ways to be creative,” says Skinner. If you like to paint, paint! If organizing your books makes your heart flutter, organize away! Writing could also be a great outlet. In any case, Skinner says to make sure the focus is on self-expression. If there are any potentially joy-sparking opportunities or activities you chose not to pursue in the past, consider revisiting those to get your creative juices flowing.

One important thing to remember: The key is to embrace a just-for-fun project for the joy it'll bring you—not for the praise it might garner you from others. The prize here is personal growth, rather than external accolades or approval.


You could be thinking about home and family, Aquarius, as Jupiter moves through your fourth house of familial roots. This might lead you to stay home more, says Skinner. Devote some time to figuring out how to make your physical space feel more comfortable, whether that means reconfiguring your furniture in alignment with feng shui or introducing some new pieces (cue the Labor Day sales). You could also consider a closet re-organization or buy a couple house plants to warm up your space—whatever it is that might help make your home yours.

Also, pencil in time for whomever you consider family, whether biological or chosen. “Quality is what the Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is about, so with Jupiter in the fourth house, you’re going to want to invest and spend quality time with the people you love,” adds Skinner.


Jupiter is your traditional planetary ruler, Pisces, so you’re apt to feel this retrograde intensely—and especially when it comes to written, verbal, and digital communication, given it's moving through your third house of information. Paired with your naturally intuitive and imaginative nature, this activation of your third house could leave you struggling to express how you really feel in a way that others can grasp.

“This is a time to be more mindful of your words and how you’re communicating, and to look more deeply at your communication style,” says Skinner. Are you relying too much on one kind of communication at the expense of another? Taking a beat to rethink how you connect with others—and to find a more balanced, reciprocal way to do so—is the work of this retrograde for you.

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