Feeling a Little Lost? Jupiter Return Helps You Find Your Personal Compass

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The cosmos and their transits can really do a number on you. Whether that means getting all your technological lines crossed during Mercury Retrograde or being delivered nothing but break-ups and career upheaval during Saturn Return, we're wary of any sort of planetary movement. Cue my stomach tenseness the first time I heard of Jupiter Return, the 12-year transit when Jupiter swings back to the place of your birth. (WTF, Milky Way Galaxy, can I live?)

Scary as it sounds, though, your Jupiter Return is the opposite of cosmic discord. Instead, this planetary return focuses on luck as well as the magnification and transformation of our values. And Jupiter Return is when our convictions become clear, according astrologer and author of the upcoming You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance Chani Nicholas.

"A Jupiter return is a time that helps us to gain a deeper understanding about the nature of our faith, what we hold to be true, what we tend to overdo, and what we need to put in place in order to grow," says Nicholas.

Your Jupiter Return—which happens at age 12, 24, 36, 48, and so on—is also largely about being able to seize opportunity. Jupiter is known to be a planet of abundance and good fortune, so your Jupiter Return also tends to be your Emerald Year, in which you are the Cosmic Prom Queen. This year Capricorns are going to get the sash, which means you get everything you've wanted and worked hard for! The stars, and related celestial bodies, are smiling in your favor!

...or you're thinking back to an uneventful age 12 or 24, and have hard doubts that this Jupiter Return is as lucky as we're making it out to be. To reconfigure, Jupiter Return is also the site of a sort of awakening. If you're in the wrong emotional, mental, psychological or career space during Jupiter Return, this is the moment your eyes will shoot wide open to this reality. The important thing to do is make the first steps towards what you want, and guardian angels will typically help you towards your next plane.

For example, during my last Jupiter Return, I was in the wrong physical space (namely suburban New Jersey) and so I made my goal was to get out of there. After months of agonizing over affordable Brooklyn housing, one serendipitous phone call got me the below-market Greenpoint apartment I still live in today. Now, that could've just been happy coincidence and a realtor who can speak Polish fluently, but I take it that with Jupiter Return, you're in the best position to make moves if you need a change.

So if you find yourself fast approaching Jupiter, now is the time to evaluate who you are, what you want to be, and then attack it. It's rare that the planets want to help you out, you might as well make the 12 months of this 12 year cycle count.

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