2020 Is Just the Beginning of ‘the Great Transformation’—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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As we turn the corner on a new decade, the cosmos are changing just as quickly as we are. The year 2020 kicks off a decade of an astrological cycle known as the Jupiter Saturn Pluto Transformation, or the Great Transformation, and intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang says it could signal a tectonic shift in political, financial, and personal realms.

According to Lang, the upcoming years will be extra special for you because of three "synodic cycles"—a time when two planets are in conjunction with one another. "When the outer planets aspect one another, they represent bigger shifts in our consciousness because the outer planets move more slowly and their aspect relationships last longer than the inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars," says Lang. "The outer planet relationships symbolize changes we see manifest in our personal lives and in the world."

Throughout the course of this year, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will canoodle and flirt in various ways. Below, Lang breaks them down so you can mark your calendar accordingly.

How the Jupiter Saturn Pluto Transformation (the Great Transformation) will affect your 2020

January 12: Saturn-pluto conjunction

This particularly transit only happens every 34 years—and Lang says it's going to be BIG. "Saturn’s the planet of authority, structure, and responsibility. Pluto transforms anything it comes into contact with. The two of these together represent structural changes in our lives and in the world," says Lang.

Both planets will be in the sign of Capricorn, which is associated with government institutions, economics, corporations... you know, the funs stuff. "Capricorn—and its ruling planet Saturn—are sort of like the father figure of the Zodiac. When you think of what we might see transform and change, think of patriarchal structures and systems. Even power dynamics in relationships and families could change. These are the areas in which we will see shake-ups and shifts. In your personal life, you could see big shifts in the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn," the astrologer explains. It sounds like a dethroning of the patriarchy to me.

January 10-13: A number of planets meet up in Capricorn

"The influence of the Eclipse, Mercury, and Ceres adds to the drama of the day. One of these is little dwarf planet Ceres, and she’s going to start a new synodic cycle with Pluto as well. This one happens roughly every four years, and in the past, when it has happened in Capricorn, we’ve seen revolutions—the most notable being the American revolution in 1776. The myth of Ceres and Pluto emphasizes the theme of freedom from oppression, paying and overcoming debts, and environmental concerns," says Lang.

April 4, june 30, and november 12: Jupiter and pluto come together

Lang says that you only see this particular meeting every 13 years and "it signifies an opportunity for justice to meet power," she says. "I hope it means people who have abused their power will face the consequences, much like we saw with the Me Too movement. I also hope it means that those who have been without political or economic power will gather with one another and have strength in numbers."

On a personal level, this time will be marked by a change in beliefs and ethics.

December 21: Jupiter and saturn meet in aquarius

"This transit shows us where we're going next after the reconstruction and expansion we'll encounter through 2020's Saturn, Pluto conjunction and Jupiter, Pluto conjunction. The great conjunction offers us a way forward, a concrete path," says Lang.

That means we'll begin to map our way forward in business, finance, religion, and government for the remaining nine years of the decade. "This transit suggests a new beginning for us all and a turning point in our history. It shows us the best way forward is to bring our unique and individual ideas together in community spaces, building teams and coalitions to create change. It’s a liberating influence that starts with your questioning your beliefs and thought patterns," says the astrologer.

The 6 signs that will feel the Great Transformation the most

Lang says that every single sign will feel the effects of the Great Transformation. "Look at the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn. This sector is where you're going to need to open your mind. See things in a new way. Broaden your horizons. You might even have an adventure in that area of your life," she says. However, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Libra, and Aries will be most affected.

For Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, the Great Transformation will offer you plenty of success and opportunity—so buckle up. If you're a Cancer, Libra, or Aries... maybe 2021 will be better? "You could be pushed into growth somewhat uncomfortably," says Lang. "Try to avoid becoming overwhelmed. You are in a considerable period of expansion. Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, and you'll overcome any limiting fears. You'll look back at this time and think, 'I grew by leaps and bounds in 2019-2020.'"

Hey, no one said the Great Transformation would be easy.

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