With Jupiter Sextile Neptune, Finding the Truth May Be Even More Complicated Than Before

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As we enter into the second week of October, the astrological forecast indicates the need for objectivity. With Mercury in Scorpio creeping closer to a retrograde station (Mercury stations retrograde on October 13th), our mind and our nervous system require downtime. This is especially true, given retrograde Mars conjoined Eris, the dwarf planet of discord, on Sunday, October 4, and continues to form a tense square to Pluto all week.

While the week ahead is laced with raucous transits, my advice remains unoriginal: stay discerning. Though straightforward, this advice isn't necessarily the easiest to enact in our information-saturated world where the truth can feel elusive and, at times, indiscernible. It's essential to stay aware of both propaganda and disinformation—and that's where Neptune comes in.

Neptune is the planet closely associated with dreams, illusions, and delusions. He is the ruler of Pisces, the sign he currently travels in, and his magic works in mysterious ways: It's the voice of the intuition, the sound of truth coming through our dreams, the soothing medicine that music and art often bring. He's also the ocean's mystery, romancing us into a more profound love with nature. Neptune's guidance makes itself available through a spiritual, quiet, inner knowing in its highest essence; however, the planet also represents fog, mist, and confusion. And since we live in extremely confusing times, we need to address Neptune's spellbinding nature.

Neptune stationed retrograde on June 23rd and doesn't station direct until November 29, and this week, he travels slowly at 18 degrees. Neptune typically goes retrograde annually for roughly five months, so this transit is standard fare. He's now beautifully positioned to Jupiter, forming a harmonious sextile to the planet of good luck and abundance. But in this case, the Jupiter sextile Neptune transit isn't necessarily a good thing.

The Jupiter sextile Neptune transit can exaggerate confusion right now: Conflicting news continues, conspiracy theories abound, and disinformation is more prevalent than ever.

The Jupiter sextile Neptune transit can exaggerate confusion even more right now, because Jupiter makes things grow: Conflicting news continues to be tossed around, conspiracy theories continue to infiltrate the health and wellness world, and disinformation is more prevalent than ever. This becomes even more paramount as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign the south node travels in, while Neptune forms a mutable T-square with the nodes of fate.

The nodes of fate are not planets; they represent where the moon's plane of motion intersects with the ecliptic. They are particularly important because they represent the signs in which eclipses happen. (The next eclipse is a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30, several weeks from now.) With Neptune squaring the north node in Gemini and the south node in Sagittarius, we stand at a confusing crossroads polluted with too much noise and not enough objectivity. Since on Wednesday, Mercury opposes Uranus, putting extra pressure on us to "know" our truth, it's imperative to treat both of these issues.

Mars's ongoing square to Pluto and Saturn indicates that power dynamics become even more intense, as information continues to be distorted as a way to manipulate agendas via propaganda and political foul play. Add to this the over-saturation of information that's competing for our emotional buy-in and attention, and it's enough for a nervous breakdown.

So, as you go through your week ahead, be both cautious and discerning. Get your news from reputable sources, don't trust algorithmic recommendations, and question the motivations of those feeding you information. Ask yourself this: What spells am I under? Are you consuming information as a way to pacify pain or to put a positive spin on modern-day atrocity? Name your compulsions, take a break, and see what emerges.

Neptune also indicates a need for literal sleep, so get to bed early and give yourself screen-free time to relax. Rest also crucially supports critical thinking.

On Saturday, Uranus in Taurus trines Venus in Virgo, which means you'll likely experience an embodied sense of wisdom. This aspect also indicates a breakthrough (which may come after a breakdown earlier in the week). Stay committed to the journey, and be willing to be wrong. The week ahead proves to be quite promising if you take a step back and allow wisdom to find its way to you without forcing it to arrive.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—which she uses to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. Pre-order her book, Cosmic Health (January 2021), here.

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