Jupiter’s Big Move Into Taurus Is Giving Lucky, Lustful Vibes—Especially for Taurus and These 2 Other Signs

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Jupiter is the cosmic equivalent of “good vibes only.” In astrological terms, in fact, it’s known as the “great benefic” for the ways in which it bestows luck, optimism, and supportive energy wherever it goes—à la beneficence. Right about now, that place is the sensual Earth-sign Taurus. From May 16 to the following May 25, in 2024, the planet moves through the sign of the bull, which, for the Tauruses, “is considered the luckiest aspect in astrology,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. Indeed, the Jupiter in Taurus transit of 2023 channels a significant vibe shift for folks of this sign, in particular, kicking off a period of time that’s well-aligned for things to go their way.

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Because Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, it’s thought to expand whatever it touches, says astrologer and sexologist Stefanie Iris Weiss. “Its motto is always, ‘Too much is never enough.’” Pair that with sensory-oriented Taurus, and that energy is “magnified by thousands,” says Weiss.

What can we all expect from Jupiter in Taurus in 2023?

Some good old-fashioned enjoyment is on the docket for this transit. “Jupiter always wants to go big or go home, and Taurus never knows when to stop doing what feels good, so this combo is all about indulgence and pleasure,” says Weiss. (Consider it just what the cosmic doctor ordered after this recent Mercury retrograde comes to an end on May 14.)

Given that Taurus is also the sign associated with the fresh, blooming energy of spring—its season runs from April 20 to May 20—the magnified Taurus vibes could also spark some primal, er…animalistic desires. “Although it’s a coincidence that [Jupiter in Taurus] begins during Masturbation May, let’s pretend that it’s a sign from the stars,” says Weiss. “This transit is excellent for practicing embodiment, leaning into sensuality, and amping up your self care.”

“This transit is excellent for practicing embodiment, leaning into sensuality, and amping up your self care.” —Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer and sexologist

It may also be helpful to view Jupiter’s transit in Taurus as a time to enthusiastically start new things…even if you can’t necessarily see how they’ll turn out. Especially for Taurus-sign folks, Jupiter’s arrival in Taurus “can get you really excited for something to happen immediately, but sometimes the transit itself functions more as a seed-planting moment than a blossoming moment,” says Weiss. “You may have to wait a little while before it all flowers.” (And that makes sense, given the transit lasts for over a year.)

Exercising some patience in the meantime is key. Again, Jupiter tends to magnify whatever it touches, so with Jupiter in an abundant sign like Taurus, there’s certainly the risk of pushing toward excess or overzealousness, says Marmanides.

Which signs will be most affected by Jupiter in Taurus?

Though the energy of this yearlong transit will likely feel most potent for the Tauruses (aka those who have their sun sign in Taurus), the bull’s fellow Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, can also expect to feel strong positive vibes, given that Jupiter makes a supportive trine to these signs, says Weiss.

Additionally, those with any other personal planets—like the moon, Mercury, or Venus—or Jupiter located in Taurus in their birth charts are also bound to get a hefty dose of luck and go-big momentum, says Weiss. (To figure out where all the planets fall in your birth chart, enter your birth date, time, and location into a free online chart generator.)

If you’re reading this as a Taurus (or someone with any of the above Taurus placements), you might be thinking, It’s about time. And it’s true, the Jupiter in Taurus transit of 2023 will likely come as a “welcome relief” for you, given that “Taurus has been one of the signs most heavily impacted by the recent series of eclipses,” says Marmanides.

Eclipses always occur in the location of the lunar nodes (aka points in the sky associated with fate), and since early 2022, the north node has been transiting in Taurus. For the majority of that transit, it’s been in a harsh square with Saturn, and most recently, Pluto, so “it’s understandable if anyone with a Taurus sun or heavy Taurus placements has felt like they’ve been under some kind of cosmic gauntlet of nonstop change and transformation,” says Marmanides.

But as of Tuesday, May 16, with Jupiter shifting into Taurus, that feeling should finally start to let up. The extra cosmic support from Jupiter means “you may be better able to access your natural Taurean traits of stability, security, patience, ease, leisure, and pleasure,” says Marmanides, of Tauruses. In turn, you can expect “more prosperity, more confidence, and more motivation to reach your goals, and in general, a more positive outlook on life.”

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