The Rare Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in April 2024 Will Bring Us All Major Breakthroughs—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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We’re soon to welcome one of the most significant astrology events of 2024: the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20. One of many change-generating transits this year, this conjunction will set us off on a brand-new path as Uranus—the planet of technology, genius, and inspiration—gets uniquely magnified by Jupiter, the planet of all things abundance, expansion, and good fortune.

Jupiter and Uranus only meet in conjunction (meaning, at the same degree of the same zodiac sign in the sky) once about every 12 to 14 years, the last time occurring in 2011 and the next time occurring in 2037. Their orbits cycle through the 12 zodiac signs in succession—and the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to occur in the sensorial Earth sign of Taurus was in 1941. Though the precise day of the meetup is on April 20, we’ll feel the energy of these two planets pairing up throughout this spring.

Whenever Jupiter and Uranus meet, we can expect to feel a surge of innovative ideas, intuitive hunches, and the desire to create a new reality for ourselves.

Whenever Jupiter and Uranus meet, we can expect to feel a surge of innovative ideas, intuitive hunches, and the desire to create a new reality for ourselves. Indeed, this year’s rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, in particular, is linked to sudden change and an almost insatiable need for freedom and liberation. At its highest vibration, it’s also expected to bring professional promotions, financial gains and profits, exciting new romances, and spiritual and creative breakthroughs.

Since Uranus is connected to electricity, we will know its brilliance is about to come through whenever we feel anxious. Because its conjunction with Jupiter occurs in Taurus, a sign strongly connected to our physical body and the five senses, practices like meditation, chakra balancing, kundalini yoga, and listening to high-vibrational music are the vehicles that can help us anchor its power.

Though we will all feel breakthrough energy amid the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, if you have key placements in your birth chart (sun, moon, or rising) in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, be especially prepared to stretch your mind as you watch doors open in front of your eyes. That’s because, again, this conjunction occurs in Taurus, meaning it'll especially affect those with major placements in Taurus and the other Earth signs, too.

Exactly how this conjunction will bring you a major breakthrough in 2024 depends on your personal astrology. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to get the fullest picture of what to expect.

How the rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024 will affect every zodiac sign


aries horoscope slide

You could be in for a serious windfall, Aries. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction falls in your second astrological house of money, bringing tangible gains but also shifts in your overall perception of value. You might assign more value to organic or sustainable products, perhaps ditching wasteful or superficial offerings. If you invest in the stock market, this would be a good time to diversify toward anything that involves new technologies, science, metaphysics, and the environment—all realms over which Uranus rules.


taurus horoscope

The fact that this rare conjunction is happening in your sign, Taurus, means you’ve already been opening yourself up to the change and the unknown. This new expression of your individuality accelerates throughout 2024, asking you to take big risks concerning how you approach life. If you’ve been experiencing a spiritual awakening, you can now prepare to reach new heights. Alternatively, you might decide to make a big change to your appearance, maybe dying your hair purple or adding bright colors to your wardrobe.


gemini horoscope

You’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of unusual coincidences in your life, Gemini. Uranus’s “behind the scenes” effects in your 12th house of the subconscious mind have proven to you that your thoughts create your reality, helping you release preconceived negative patterns. This spring, you might experience major (and even shocking) revelations about your life, as well as the world around you. Keep a notebook handy to capture all the fascinating dreams and visions that the universe shares with you.


cancer horoscope

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 2024 could bring a fun and social time for you, Cancer, as it arrives in your 11th house of friendship. To make the best of it, you may have to venture out of your shell more than usual. At the same time, you could come into contact with eccentric, free-spirited folks who could have an eye-opening effect on you. You might be inspired to join a group of individuals who explore life through an innovative lens or perhaps do the kind of groundbreaking activism that society needs most right now.


leo horoscope

Big-time success could be in your spring stars, Leo, as this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction arrives in your 10th house of work, career, and public reputation. If you’ve been working hard toward a goal, it could very rapidly and suddenly manifest. Similarly, if your job is aligned with your true path and life purpose, a significant promotion or status elevation could be the result of your hard work. Alternatively, this could also be the time to seek your freedom from a less-aligned job. You could decide to go off on your own or launch your own business—especially if you’ve been clashing with authority figures at work.


virgo horoscope

Pack your bags, Virgo. Daring to travel to unusual places this spring could put you face-to-face with inspirational people and mind-blowing experiences, with this conjunction occurring in your ninth house of adventure and learning. Exposure to new flavors and vistas could result in a quantum leap in terms of your belief system. Alternatively, this would be a fantastic time to enroll in a spiritual or metaphysical course as a way to harness the energy of this rare, mind-expanding transit.


libra horoscope

With this once-every-14-years meetup happening in your eighth house of sex and intimacy, Libra, you could see a serious relationship in a completely new light. If you’re in a committed romantic relationship, you might realize that for it to be successful, it needs more freedom and excitement; try harnessing the vibrations of this conjunction by getting kinky in the bedroom. And if you’re single? You might decide to give an open relationship a try. The point of this transit for you is to escape your comfort zone—even just a bit.


scorpio horoscope

Your key learning over the past few years has been that not all relationships are meant to last forever, Scorpio. And the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction solidifies this truth for you, as it occurs in your seventh house of partnerships. If a romantic or business partner, coach, or associate is inhibiting your personal growth, you might decide to walk away. The real breakthrough comes when you realize that to be the best version of yourself, you only need yourself (and an open mind and heart).


sagittarius horoscope

It’s never fun to have your daily schedule disrupted… but sometimes, change is necessary. Even free spirits like you can get stuck in suffocating jobs, agreements, and habits, Sagittarius. Luckily, this sweet conjunction is here to liberate you by asking you to embrace radical change and loosen up your everyday routine, as it transits your sixth house of daily rituals and well-being. Whether you’re craving a more flexible schedule, to be your own boss, or a healthier routine—it can be yours this spring.


capricorn horoscope

Get ready to release your inhibitions, Capricorn. As one of the luckiest receivers of this meetup between the planet of change and the planet of philosophy, you’re invited to take big life risks—after all, the conjunction occurs in your fifth house of romance, playfulness, pleasure, and children. While dating and love are some of the areas where you can harness these experimental vibes, creativity is another. If you don’t yet have a creative hobby, adopting one could unleash a series of breakthroughs in your life.


aquarius horoscope

Uranus is the modern-day ruler of your sign, Aquarius, so you’re no stranger to its rebellious nature. Since 2018, this individualistic force has been inspiring you to rebel against all forms of family and even ancestral pre-conditioning, as it’s moved through Taurus and your fourth house of familial roots. With its energy magnified by Jupiter this spring, Uranus will push you toward deeper healing when it comes to childhood wounds, but also create space for you to develop your own views of life and the world around you.

Working with a therapist on family constellations work or getting an Akashic Records or past-life reading could be your go-to ways of embracing this self-liberating process.


pisces horoscope

Prepare for your mind to reach faraway and completely new places, Pisces. Your third house of communication is what has been receiving the creative and inspirational influence of Uranus. And when Jupiter expands Uranus's energy this spring, you could find the answer to a puzzling question, reaching a rare a-ha moment. Sharing your findings, regardless of how strange they may seem, should be your main focus, as it will put you on the radar of other people who, like you, are ready to embrace an entirely fresh perspective.

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