Justin Bieber Is on Board With the Acne Positivity Movement

Photo: Instagram/@justinbieber
You better believe—belieb—it: Justin Bieber has just pronounced pimples as en vogue.

Whether it's from stress post-breakup with ex-beau Selena Gomez, or all the speculation surrounding the singer and his latest fling, one thing is (sadly) clear: Bieber's breaking out. And, much like an increasing wave of people on social media, he actually isn't afraid to show it.

"Pimples are in," he declares in a recent Instagram story, as he points out his forehead zits and smugly smiles.

justin bieber pimples acne
Photo: Instagram/@justinbieber

So clearly Bieber's not afraid of some blemishes (I mean, he is a megastar, but still). Maybe all that yoga and alkaline water-sipping has got the wellness fan in a better headspace—one that's so accepting that he's now onboard the acne positivity movement, where young men and women are proudly touting their pimples as something to not shamefully hide, but to embrace. It's a refreshing time when you no longer have to say sorry (had to!!) about mere skin imperfections.

As for whether he'll keep posting more and become an acne-touting role model? Hey, never say never.

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