How Justin Timberlake Makes Push-Ups a Fun Family Activity

Photo: Instagram/@justintimberlake
So many relationship-building traditions during the holiday season center around the dinner table, but once the pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole are gone, lots of folks pick up their fitness game—Justin Timberlake included. In fact, the Grammy-winning dad gets his whole family involved in the bicep-boosting fun.

Timberlake posted an Instagram video of himself doing some push-ups over the weekend—taken by his yogi wife, Jessica Biel—but he had a little help from his two-year-old.

Shaking off those leftovers like... Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! ? @jessicabiel

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Because exercising solo isn't nearly as much fun (or, in this case, physically challenging) as incorporating your kiddo, he had young Silas hop on his back to give him some extra weight—you know, like 30 or so pounds of pure cuteness. By the looks of it, the teeniest Timberlake loved helping his pop sweat it out—and, as Timberlake put it, "shake off those leftovers."

But if your family isn't down for This Is Us–style push-ups over the holidays, don't be sad—there's always the option to #SquatYourDog instead.

Still trying to digest your Thanksgiving dinner? Try this six-minute workout from Tracy Anderson. And while you're at it, tack on her toning portion, too.

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