U.S. Olympian and Hockey Champ Hilary Knight Swears By These Recovery Shoes to Help Improve Performance

Photo: Getty Images/ Bruce Bennett
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If there’s one thing that athletes are known for, it’s their killer workouts. Time and time again, they subject themselves to high intensity exercises to stay healthy and in peak-performing condition. However, this can put a lot of strain on the body without the proper recovery tools. It’s something that U.S. Olympic hockey player Hilary Knight knows all too well and why wearing Kane shoes is so important to her lifestyle, and why she decided to partner with the brand.

Kane Revive Shoe — $70.00

Available in 14 different colors, the Kane Revive shoes have six recovery features including perforated uppers for ventilation and footbed nodes to help with increasing blood flow. These Black/Gold Medal colorways are a special collab between the Olympian and Kane footwear.

As a two-silver medalist and eight-time World Champion, Knight has made a point to take care of her feet and put recovery first when she's off the ice. For those who don’t know, recovery is crucial in the world of fitness. It’s what helps keep your muscles and joints from becoming stiff and tearing after a workout, which, needless to say, can impact your performance in the long run. But with the Kane Revive shoes, this is thankfully not something Knight doesn't have to worry about.  “I have finally found a comfortable recovery footwear solution for pre-and-post workout,” Knight said in a press release. “The Kane Revive recovery slip-ons let my feet expand, breathe and heal so I can improve my performance.”

Part of that has to do with the shoes’ unique sneaker-like design. Unlike sandals and slides, à la Oofos,(which we also love) that require your feet to flex more as you walk, these shoes do the heavy lifting for your muscles and allow your feet to relax with each step. They cradle your foot and propel your feet forward much more like that of a traditional running shoe.

Additionally, they help improve balance and reduce the impact on your joints, thanks to the foam cushioning throughout the midsole.  There are even tiny nodes on the footbed to help increase blood flow, which is super important for reducing muscle fatigue. In short, more more blood flow equals more oxygen, and more oxygen enables your muscles to help repair themselves faster. The shoe's uppers also have a bunch of holes to air out your toes, which is win for those prone to sweaty feet. Plus, the cushioning at the bottom is created from Brazilian sugarcane, an eco-friendly resource the brand says that helps cut back on greenhouse gases.

The Black/Gold Medal Kane Revive shoe, a special collab between Kane and Knight, celebrates the Olympian's many accolades and Team USA's fight for the gold in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. However, the shoes are truly worth the coins. In fact, we tried the Kane Revive sneaker firsthand just last month if you're curious to get a full breakdown on just how much support they really do provide.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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