The Perfect Pair of Leggings Comes Down to 3 Things, According to Karlie Kloss

Photo: Adidas
The second it starts getting chilly outside, ladies everywhere have the exact same routine. And no, it's not just ordering all the cozy pumpkin spice beverages—it's stocking up on new leggings to get through the next six or so months of coldness. Right now, searches for the activewear staple are up 800 percent on Google Trends, but don't just add any item in your shopping cart: Karlie Kloss, who rocks 'em year round, has some intel on what to look for before you hit "buy."

Kloss has been part of the Adidas fam for quite a while now, and because the company has a women's collective where #girlbosses are able to give feedback on their pieces, so it's safe to say she's a pro at knowing what makes great activewear. At the brand's recent launch of The Statement Collection—which is a sports bra collection inspired by female creators with new low, medium, and high-impact options, boldly-patterned leggings, and jackets—the model opened up about the three things that make for a can't-beat pair of leggings. And spoiler: the style (gasp!) isn't one of them. Keep scrolling for her take on what to look for in your best-worn pair.

Check out the three things Karlie Kloss looks for when buying leggings.

1. Length

Having too-short or too-long leggings can make a break a pair or leggings (or at the very least keep them from being your absolute fave), and that's exactly why it's one of Kloss' biggest deal-breakers when purchasing a pair. "I'm a tall lady, so for me, if I can cover my ankles, it's nothing short of a miracle. Length is key," she tells me. "Obviously what's going to be right for me isn't something that's going to be right for someone who's 5'2." However, whatever your height, by taking a nod from Kloss and paying attention to the length ahead of purchasing, you can fire up you workouts because you won't have to worry about leggings moving around or bouncing up and down while you sweat it out.

2. High-waisted fit

At this point, it's hard to remember the days before high-waisted leggings were a thing—and Kloss is never going back. "I really love a high-waisted fit. Which, again, is a challenge if I'm looking for length and a high-waisted fit," she says. The high waist is a great option when going from the gym to whatever else is on the list. Throw a crop top (we're loving this ocre one from The Statement Collection) over a pair or go with a long sweater to make it work post-gym.

3. Breathable fabric

If you're super-particular about the fabric of your leggings, you're not alone. "I'm such a snob when it comes to fabric. Especially when you're moving. You're active in your workout and active in your day—the rest of your morning you're wearing your leggings, so the fabric is something I'm super conscious of. Even above style. I would rather it fit right and feel good than care about how it looks. I like it to be breathable," she says.

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