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Karlie Kloss’ Packing Guide to Carry-on Only Travel

Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss
Supermodel Karlie Kloss travels a lot for her job (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, anyone?)—and aside from collecting a passport full of stamps, another perk of being a frequent flyer is that she's mastered the art of carry-on only travel. The Koding with Klossy founder revealed in a recent YouTube video that it's her preferred way to travel.

“I’m kinda like Mary Poppins,” she says. “Everyone makes fun of me because I kinda have everything in my bag at all times. And that’s something that has taken years of experience to get to.”

"I’m kinda like Mary Poppins."

Top of the list—and the first thing she puts on when she boards a plane? Compression tights.

The 6'2" runway strutter admits they look like they could fit a 5-year-old, but swears they're her secret weapon for improving her circulation in the air. Over them, she layers her favorite pair of monogrammed Everlane pajamas. Hey, anything that'll help you catch some zzz's on a plane, right?

Despite making her living wearing an ever-revolving collection of high-end designer duds, Kloss says that when it comes to her travel wardrobe, she takes a minimalist's approach.

“Because I’m traveling [with] a carry-on, I really try to have the most basic of basic items,” she says. “Two pairs of denim, light denim and dark denim. Everything that I can mix and match and either dress up or dress down.” That includes two tees—one black, one white—plus, she also limits her shoes to two pairs: sneakers and dressy flats. Hers happen to be Chanel ballerinas, BTW. And, unsurprisingly, given that she's an Adidas ambassador, Stan Smiths. Something else she *always* makes room for? Workout clothes—plus, a little laundry bag to toss them in after her sweat sesh.

What to bring is only half the battle, though. The other is how to pack it. “Never underestimate the value of good little bags,” says Kloss. In them, she stows undergarments, chargers, adapters for foreign outlets, beauty products, and pre-portioned vitamins and other supplements.

“[Those] bottles take up a lot of space so it’s better to bring the exact amount of what you want,” she says.

Somehow, the supermodel still finds room for healthy eats, too. A known snacker, Kloss brings what she refers to as her "snack pack" in her suitcase. It holds hot sauce and stevia packets, hot chocolate pouches, nuts, and protein bars.

Somehow, a spoonful of stevia just doesn't have the same ring to it—but otherwise, it's fair to say Kloss lives up to her Mary Poppins reputation.

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