How Karlie Kloss Brightens Her Complexion Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

Walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has got to be tough—yes, you're required to strut your stuff in barely-there ensembles in front of millions. But people are also noticing your skin (thanks, hi-res cameras).

That's exactly why the runway models have called in their go-to facialists to ensure their skin's as glowy as ever. Karlie Kloss, Adidas brand ambassador, New York marathoner, and multi-hyphenate model turned to British skin-care guru Georgia Louise to help her prep her complexion before hitting the stage in Shanghai.

With a mere 20 minutes to get her skin runway-ready, Louise turned to some trustworthy and brilliant hacks to get Kloss even more radiant for the show, which were revealed on Kloss's Klossy YouTube channel.

Keep reading for how to go from get an ultra-bright in, like, 15 minutes flat.

Step 1. Hit the ice

Louise advises (er, makes) Kloss splash her face with a tub of ice-filled water for 20 seconds (yikes). "I know, it sounds horrible," Louise admits. "But trust me—it's going to tighten and brighten your skin." You can either cup the water in your hands to splash or—if you're feeling brave—just dunk your face into it. Feeling completely awake is just an added perk (Kloss jokes, "I'm up!").

Step 2. Use a mask

Of course, a mask is involved. Louise recommends using a cream mask—think something hydrating and brightening like Herbivore Botanicals' Brighten Mask or Josh Rosebrook's Advanced Hydration Mask—for a quick skin boost. "This is more effective than using a cleanser because it'll really push in all the active ingredients," Louise explains.

Step 3. Do a quickie massage

"Take a dime-sized amount [of the mask] and just press and warm it in your hand," says Louise. "Swipe [on the forehead] and work towards the hairline, scoop over the brow, then go down and lift the cheekbones." She and Kloss do a "butterfly move" to massage it in, working from the nose out to the cheeks and then using their thumbs they work around the eye-area to help de-puff.

Step 4. Apply a serum

A serum acts as a juice for your skin, and Louise prefers this over a cream-based moisturizer. "You don't want to use anything too heavy before your makeup," she says. "This really helps to hydrate, but it's not too heavy." She applies it via a Swedish technique—called "tapotement"—that involves just lightly tapping all your fingers over your complexion to gently press the goodness into skin.

Step 5. De-puff

Louise then uses fancy tools called "freeze sticks" to de-puff Kloss's eye area as a final touch (but if you're at home, spoons are fine to use). "This totally helps to drain the skin, even if you just flip them over your eyes to de-puff," she says. Kloss even admits to keeping spoons in her freezer and using them under her eyes in her earlier modeling days. As Louise notes, it's all about stimulating the lymphatic system. It doesn't take much time or require a facialist, so you can make your skin radiant on your own time.

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