7 of Kate Hudson’s Most Challenging Workouts To Replicate Right at Home

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Pilates devotee and Fabletics founder Kate Hudson often shares her intense workouts on her Instagram account. While many of these at-home workouts are created by her celebrity coaches, you don't need a trainer to sweat like Kate Hudson does.

Many of Hudson's workouts can be done at home with your own body weight. All you need to feel the burn is some serious athletic wear and an open mind.

Want to hit the gym like Hudson? Scroll through seven of her favorite at-home workouts.

Sweat like Kate Hudson with her favorite at-home workouts

1. Elevated push-ups


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As if regular push-ups weren't hard enough, Hudson elevates her push-up game (literally) with this challenging variation. Watch as she performs a standard push-up on Bear Blocks ($49) to completely shred her arms, core, and back. If you don't have these particular blocks, don't worry, small dumbbells or simple foam blocks will work, too.

2. Stability ball crunches

Hudson previously told us she has a love-hate relationship with core workouts due to a C-section she had which has made it difficult for her to re-engage the lower part of her abs.

The solution? Swapping out standard crunches for those on a stability ball. Rather than laying on the floor, leaning on an inflatable ball forces the body to balance while targeting that hard-to-reach lower ab area. Get the full workout here.

3. Dancing bear


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Hudson's variation on the dancing bear plank—a full-body workout that'll make your core growl—looks intense. Rather than simply twisting her knees and obliques inward, Hudson sweeps one knee completely through, likely to activate those obliques even more. As she does, she slowly raises and pulls an elbow back and in, testing her balance and flexing those muscles. Your body will love the extra sweat.

4. Downward dog push-up


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Hudson does this 3-in-1 push-up with celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer, and it looks hard. 

Starting in a basic plank, Hudson pushes back into a one-legged downward dog. Then, as she pushes her body down into the plank, she sweeps that same leg through to her side into what looks like a half-split, before bringing it up again to one-legged downward dog. Don't let her Instagram video fool you—it's more complicated than it appears. But with a little practice, you'll master it in no time.

5. Tricep extensions


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This workout is how Hudson gives her triceps a good burn.

Grab a dumbbell and bring it behind you, extended over your head. Slowly bring it down your back, bending your elbows to lower the weight until it hits the middle of your back. Then, bring it back up, keeping your shoulders low and hips square. Be prepared to feel the burn ripple through your arms.

6. 3-legged table top


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If you have a yoga wheel handy, you're going to love this move for your glutes.

As yoga instructor Omri Kleinberger previously told Well+Good, start by keeping your hands planted on the ground, almost in a plank position. Then, with one knee on the wheel, lift your other leg up and down. "This stretches the hip flexors, strengthens the glutes, and engages the shoulders and chest for upper-body strength and stability," Kleinberger said.

7. Pilates scissors


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Hudson is a huge Pilates fan, and many of the moves she does with her trainer in the studio can be done at home, too.

Take pilates scissors, for instance. They're amazing for targeting your abdominals for better balance, all while stretching stiff muscles in your lower body. The best part is, there's no equipment necessary—the move can be done using just your bodyweight.

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