Here’s What Kate Hudson Is Up To in the Kitchen

It's trite to claim that "stars are just like us," but in 2020, a lot of them sorta are in that they, too, have been largely stuck at home. Kate Hudson is no exception, and on the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube series The Avocado Show, she not only lets us into her quarantine domain but also offers a little insight into what she's been up to over the past few (too many) months—all while mixing up her favorite avocado dish, a green pineapple protein smoothie.

The entrepreneur, actress, and podcast host has spent a considerable chunk of time in this very setting: her kitchen. As a result, she explains, her cooking skills have strengthened. "I'm having more fun with it," she says, noting the most pleasing dishes she whips up include roasted chicken, sushi rice, and pasta. And as a result of all the experimentation, she's added a new mainstay ingredient to her fridge, too: gut-healthy kimchi, when she says now resides alongside olives and parmesan cheese on the list of things her kitchen is never without. "Food is my favorite, so the hardest thing for me in life has been, 'How do I eat well and maintain my health?" she says.

Hudson shares that she usually starts her mornings in the kitchen, too, getting herself caffeinated and the kids fed before Zoom school. Then she works out, and while she's been doing a little bit of everything to stay fit during the pandemic, she reveals that the platform she turns to most is Obé. "Their advanced workouts are really effective," she says.

After a sweat sesh, work begins. In addition to her turns as an actress—she has two films coming out next year—Hudson runs an astounding three companies: Fabletics, alkaline water vodka brand King St., and supplement line InBloom. The latter is newly launched just this past August and features a line of nutritional plant-based powders aimed at boosting health in a variety of categories, including sleep, energy, and cognitive function, among others. "I wanted to create a system that really included the basic needs of everybody," she says.

In the video, she shares the four pillars of integrity she requires of any brand she attaches her name to, and TBH they're a great guideline to go by as a consumer as well. Watch the video to find out which values drive Hudson's business savvy, share in the best advice mom Goldie Hawn ever gave her, and, of course, get the recipe for her favorite avocado dish.

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