Kate Middleton Uses This Ballerina-Chic Accessory to Preserve a Flawless Day-2 Updo

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Kate Middleton is kind of known at this point for her suave hairstyles—and for her wellness résumé, beauty habits, pregnancy tips.… The list goes on. But as it turns out, just like us commoners, the duchess has a few tricks up her well-styled sleeves for keeping her hair in check throughout her unending series of engagements. Most recently she was photographed in a fancy updo protected by none other than a hairnet. The best part? You can snag the basic, ballerina-chic accessory on Amazon for a mere 63 cents (if you buy in bulk) to keep you own bun secure.

On Tuesday at the Buckingham Palace air show celebrating the Royal Air Force's centennial, Middleton sported budget item around her low-swooping bun as a slightly tweaked take on the same net-free chignon she'd worn to her son Prince Louis' christening the day before, People reports. And though the nets may drum up memories of your middle-school cafeteria servers, Middleton managed to appear as courtly as ever while donning it. Perhaps because, if you buy the correct variety—like the one she's wearing—you have to squint to see it at all.

Kate Middleton managed to appear as courtly as ever while wearing a hairnet around her low bun—perhaps because you have to squint to see the accessory at all.

If you want to pull off this regal hairdo for yourself, Ashley Rubell, a New York City–based hairstylist recommends prepping your locks before popping on the net to ensure the whole #lewk stays in place. "If I use a sock diffuser on my blow-dryer and some hairspray before the hairnet, it will help the hair lock into place for a sleek, straight look," she says. Make sure you don't overdo it though, since "if you saturate the hair too much with product and put the hairnet on top while it’s wet, it could leave an imprint on your hair," she warns.

When you're not sporting your net about town, the grooming expert adds that you can also sweep your hair into the accessory before falling asleep to protect your latest blowout or intricate braid, bun, or pony. Doing so will prevent the whole flat hat-hair scenario. And even though you may not feel très chic while you're clocking in your eight hours, you will wake up feeling like Sleeping Beauty.

So if you've been struggling to elevate your gym-hair-don't-care vibe to complete your post-workout look, or you just want to give your salon-manicured hair a second day of life, the royal's thrifty find might be a game-changer for preserving your styled tresses. Plus, the item will consume next to no space in your gym bag. Read: You'll have plenty of room left to pack your Middleton-approved sneaks and tracksuit.

Originally published on July 11, 2018; updated on July 12, 2018. 

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