The 7 Healthiest Items on Kate Middleton’s Wellness Résumé

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It can't be easy living a totally public life, with fans and devotees noticing and replicating your every move and choice, but Kate Middleton leans on a stable of trusty wellness hacks to stay healthy, look flawless, and make sure her stress doesn't get the best of her.

In fact, over time, the Duchess of Cambridge has developed quite the enviable wellness résumé: Between her go-to natural face oil and adult coloring book hobby, these are the healthy habits she swears by—and they're totally worthy hacks for you to copy.

7 items on Kate Middleton's wellness résumé.

1. A quality, natural face oil

When it comes to her skin, Middleton doesn't mess around. She loves Beauty Sleep Elixir, an organic, all-natural face oil from Beuti Skincare that's made from a potent mix of 14 plant-based oils—including camellia oil, cherry seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil—that work together to help tame irritated and inflamed skin, combating skin aging in the process.

2. A stress-busting hobby

Having an active hobby you enjoy is generally a preferable method for relieving stress than plopping in front of the TV (though you can totally still learn valuable healthy tidbits from a good old binge-watching sesh). Middleton's activity of choice? Photography—which she's really, really good at, BTW. The pictures she's taken of her children are so impressive that she was even granted a lifetime honorary membership by the Royal Photographic Society.

3. A regular manicure

There's just something about a fresh mani that instantly ups your self-confidence. Because Middleton is always in the public eye, she gets one on the regular. One style in particular she's been loving is one she copied from the Queen: a super-neutral, natural look using Essie Nail Polish in the shade Ballet Slippers.

4. Ginger for her tummy troubles

One way Middleton has dealt with morning sickness nausea during her pregnancy is via the healing powers of ginger cookies. Even if you're not expecting, ginger is good to have on hand as a healthy holistic treatment for any tummy troubles you're having.

5. A solid pair of sneakers

There's no need to spend a hefty cut of your paycheck to get a quality (and stylish!) pair of sneakers. Just ask Middleton, whose favorite shoes just so happen to be white Superga sneakers. They're only $65 and look super cute with skinny jeans and a casual top.

6. An adult coloring book

Photography isn't the only way Middleton likes to destress. In an interview, Prince William said his wife uses the Secret Garden adult coloring book. It's more than just a fun way to go about a digital detox; it also helps put your mind into a relaxed, meditative state.

7. A protein-packed smoothie

Whenever Middleton wants something sweet, she curbs her craving by whipping up a healthy smoothie with almond milk and berries. She does give in to treats occasionally, though, and loves snacking on dark chocolate or gummy bears. Duchesses—they're just like us.

You have to see Kate Middleton score a goal in snow boots while playing Swedish ice hockey. Or, take a look at her off-duty athletic look that takes a page out of her sporty roots.

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