Kate Middleton Scores a Goal in Snow Boots While Playing Swedish Ice Hockey

Photo: Instagram/@KensingtonRoyal
Being royalty can be hard work (so. many. photo ops.), but Kate Middleton has a knack for making pretty much everything look easy. The Duchess of Cambridge seems to be on a mission to prove her powers in every sport: A couple of years ago, she joined a game of cricket (in wedges, nonetheless) in India; a few of months ago, she played tennis in London; and this week, she shot a hockey goal in Swedenwhile pregnant with her third child.

The Duchess, who played field hockey in her youth, was up against her husband in a game of bandy hockey (like the hockey you're familiar with, except this Swedish version uses balls instead of pucks). Although the game is traditionally played in hockey skates, Middleton stuck to a pair of functional and fashionable Sorel snow boots. Prince William ended up winning—but it was a close call, with the Prince scoring twice and the Duchess once—but, maybe the two should call a rematch, this time wearing the proper footwear for the occasion.

And who knows? On the next stop along the Scandinavian royal tour, inclusive of this trip to Sweden, the Duchess might even channel her inner Nancy Kerrigan.

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